10 Minutes to Change

Have you ever tried to create a new habit or learn a new skill only to bail a few days later, disappointed and frustrated?  I have many times. 

I start strong and quit soon after. Setting a goal was never my problem. Seeing it through to completion was.  

One day I realized my all or nothing approach wasn’t working and a new strategy was needed.  

What if instead of trying to create the new habit all at once or quit an old one cold turkey, what if I simply committed the next ten minutes to it?

For example, instead of swearing off sugar for an entire month, swear it off for the next ten minutes. That doesn’t sound nearly as challenging as an entire month. 

Then after those ten minutes are up, how about ten minutes more? And ten minutes more?  You get the picture. 

This year we all have goals we want to achieve, habits we want to create and change we want to witness. 

What if we just committed the next ten minutes to what we want to see happen? If it’s changing a habit, attitude or trait, we commit the next ten minutes to changing it.  

I shared this with a friend and she used it to overcome anxiety, ten minutes at a time. 

Another used it to break her habit of judging others until she stopped judging altogether.

It can be used to change thinking patterns, get along with difficult people, lose weight, increase self worth, gain confidence and much more.

Who knows? Maybe all it takes is 10 minutes at a time to easily change your next ten years. 

It’s just a thought.  

Sandra Hubbard  

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