Silence Please

You’ve probably figured out by now I’m a goals girl. I’ve learned the hard way that a woman with nothing to aim at will hit it every time. 

Too much time focusing on the wrong things because I had no right things to channel my energy into resulted in boredom, depression and a restlessness with life.

I’d rather have a goal to reach for that I don’t achieve than to settle for whatever life throws at me keeping me in constant survival mode.

At the end of the day, month or year I know it’s not about the goal but who I become in the process of reaching for it.

There are many goals I never reached but I’m a stronger, bolder, more confident and courageous woman for trying. I love succeeding but more importantly I no longer fear failing. That’s progress!

You won’t often hear me share my specific goals though until after I’ve achieved them or moved on from them.

Why? Because of Nehemiah. Yes that Nehemiah, straight out of the Old Testament.

Here’s a brief backstory of Nehemiah. He works for the king but finds out his hometown has been attacked, ransacked and is in ruins. In that moment he sets a goal to take time off work to go home and oversee the rebuilding of his beloved city.

But he doesn’t tell anyone his goal. “I did not tell anyone what my God was putting into my mind to do  . . .” Neh 2:12

Why?  Because he knew the quickest way to kill a dream is to share it and risk receiving unsolicited opinions.

Sharing a goal invites all the naysayers to tell you why you couldn’t or shouldn’t try, who do you think you are or they’ll remind you of your attempts to succeed in the past at something only to fail.

Simply Stated – big dreams, ideas and plans will always intimidate, scare and threaten small minds.

Never share a Rolls Royce dream with a jalopy mindset. They will immediately try and convince you the jalopy is better, safer, more desirable etc to keep you in the jalopy with them.

Goals being pursued speak for themselves.

Your trimmed waistline, increased bottom line, full passport, elegant surroundings, healthy friendships, new found confidence etc is sufficient evidence of a desire achieved.

So set your goals then go silent unless you’re confident that those you choose to tell will support you, cheer you on, build you up and talk you down. Otherwise hush ya’ll! 🙂

Solomon wisely tells us not to cast our pearls before swine.

Your goals and dreams are your most valued treasures within you so think twice before voicing them.

Nehemiah’s story is a textbook case of how to set a goal and succeed. It’s Goal Setting 101. If it’s inspiration you need, Nehemiah has it.

So, set those goals then set out in silent pursuit.

Sandra Hubbard

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