What If

Are you in the boat like Peter? Most know his water-walking story. He decides to step out of a boat and into a storm on purpose.

Eleven of Peter’s co-workers no doubt were thinking he’d lost his mind. I would too.  What if he drowns, get’s sucked under or swept away with no one to save him?

I can understand why eleven stayed put. Peter’s decision to step out is hard to understand. But this is what I know.

There are two words that on their own are neutral, neither positive or negative. It’s the words that follow them that matter most.

Those two words are “What if?”

And the words we speak after them are the difference between mediocrity and miraculous, average and extraordinary.

Eleven men are silently wondering “what if the boat sinks and we all die? What if our story ends in a storm on a sinking ship?”

But not Peter. I wonder if he’s thinking “What if I take this risk, face my fears and have the story of all stories to tell? “What if I believe, trust and take a chance? What if I actually succeed at the impossible?

The words that followed eleven men’s “what if” costs them a once in a lifetime moment to be a part of a miracle. Peter penned a positive “what if “story that’s inspired millions to be brave, audacious and daring.  

The words that follow your “what if” this year matter.  

So WHAT IF you believe you can and you will make the changes you want, accomplish what you aim for and achieve what you desire?

What if you start over, recalibrate and play to win? What if you say yes to opportunities that excite, challenge and even scare you?

Your “what if” possibilities are endless, exciting and definitely empowering. Ask yourself “what if” this year then step out.

And just a reminder.  

Peter’s first step wasn’t perfect but he didn’t retreat. He kept walking one step at time into his magnificent “what if” moment. 

So keep walking and turn those “what ifs” into “I did it!”

Sandra Hubbard

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  1. Machelle Bernheim Avatar
    Machelle Bernheim

    WOW! Just WOW! Love this!!!

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