The First 3 Days: February

Day Two

“I just want to be loved” she quietly whispered over coffee.  When I asked her what that looked like, she didn’t know how to respond. 

So I asked her “how” she treated those she loved. 

She said she cheers them on, lets them vent, honors their boundaries, forgives when necessary, respects them, encourages them in their failures and celebrates their successes. 

My next question was “how do you love you?” which was met with silence. 

Most women don’t think about how they love themselves. Here’s what I mean. 

If your friend is constantly berating her body, abilities, skills or intelligence, dismissing her wants and needs or downplaying her successes, she’s in essence saying it’s okay if others do too. 

And so often others will, either to her face or behind her back and without the guilt, because they are simply repeating what she said about herself so they think it’s acceptable. 

I speak from experience never realizing how I treated me impacted how others treated me.  It did and it does. 

When you begin acting towards yourself with love you’ll no tolerate anyone who doesn’t and begin creating space in your mind, heart and calendar for those who do.

Love yourself the exact way you want to be loved because others are watching. Start with forgiveness, and regularly bathe yourself in grace, respect and appreciation. 

Because how you love you tells the world how you define love, want to be loved and express authentic love.  Your love in action is on display by the acts of love towards yourself.

You are “so loved!” John 3:16 How will you love you today?

Sandra Hubbard

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