A Gentle Reminder

In January I decided I wanted to spend 2022 becoming comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. It requires leaving my comfort zone for the unknown. 

So far I have walked into rooms where I knew a handful of people if any, volunteered to lead a small group, set ridiculously audacious goals for my company, am writing with more authenticity and transparency than ever and having conversations that aren’t comfortable but necessary.

And it’s just February!

I’d like to tell you all it’s been easy but it hasn’t. Learning or trying something new never is. 

One morning in prayer God gave me a gentle reminder and it’s this. 

Esther didn’t know how to be queen. Noah had no idea how to build an ark. Moses never led anyone anywhere. David had never killed a giant and Peter didn’t know how to walk on water.

Every one faces the first step when doing or learning something new.  

Step one is the the hardest. Most women want more but won’t take this critical step because of the risk of feeling discomfort, unprepared, unqualified or even unworthy. 

Simply Stated – The worst thing isn’t failing. The worst thing is wondering years later if you’d have succeeded had you tried. 

I’ve failed much more than I’ve succeeded and I celebrate my failures as much if not more so than my successes. 

My failures remind me that I am taking risks, showing up with a boldness and bravery that shock me because my former self preferred to stay in the shadows envying “her” life while making excuses for the mess I created in mine.

Let this be your gentle reminder that you don’t have to know “how” before beginning anything.

You’re allowed and even encouraged to fail because this is where your faith and trust in God will bloom. 

If you’ll simply keep showing up you’ll have your own story to tell like Esther, Noah, Moses, David and Peter.  

I am sure by December of this year I’ll have an entire list of failures to report along side my successes. 

I hope I do because that’ll mean I had a fabulous year full of adventure, new experiences, fun and immense growth as a woman. 

Looking forward to an amazing year of first steps!

Sandra Hubbard 

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