Words Spoken

Not long ago I was writing in my journal about my words, their impact, importance and influence.  

And I had a thought.

What if our words are being written down by God?  And what if one day He opens His journal and begins repeating our words back to us?

First I cringed then experienced conviction followed by a prayer seeking forgiveness. 

Many of my words have been unnecessary, unsupportive, uncaring and un-Christlike.

You might forget what you said to others but they won’t.

When you throw your two cents in, speak angrily or critically or spread rumor and gossip, know those words remain long after you’ve stopped talking.

Words hold power.

They can lift up the fallen, provide hope for the hurting and invite Christ in to the lonely.

They can keep you motivated, encouraged and inspired to dream big, forgive, speak out, seek help and healing. 

When you speak today ask yourself “will I want these words read back to me when God and I meet face to face?”

Christ said “I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak,” Matt 12:36. 

So if our words are being recorded and will require an explanation, let’s say what we’ll want to one day hear again.

I don’t know but   . . . it’s just a thought. 

Sandra Hubbard

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