Making Sense of Messes

I hate messes. A messy home, car, closet, office or handbag can hurl me into an anxious state. 

So you can imagine what a mess in my heart does to me.

Clogged with emotions, feelings and thoughts, my mind becomes foggy, I feel lethargic and heavy.

Sometimes life gets messy and in disarray.  To run from, avoid or ignore those times is to delay enjoying the very peace we seek.

It’s in these moments I haul my heart’s contents to God, dump them out and ask for His help in sorting through pile of emotional clutter.  

Otherwise I go into reactionary mode, shooting from the emotional hip and tossing out words I’ll regret later.  

We can spend days trying to fix or make sense of life’s messes.

Or we can take it to the Lord, confident He will help us sort, purge and process its contents until what’s left is beneficial to our emotional and spiritual growth. 

What I know for certain is that God is not afraid of our messes. He specializes in seeing us through them.

He tucks within your messes valuable lessons, messages and purpose while offering you an opportunity to experience His love, wisdom and power.  

When you have a mess on your hands, save yourself the anxiety, time and tears trying to make sense of it all.  

Take it to God, giving Him full permission to do whatever’s necessary so you can enjoy peace, order, growth and calm.

He can and He will.  

Sandra Hubbard

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