Most of us know the Lord’s prayer. (Matt 6:9-13)  and the line “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one (enemy).” But recently that line caused me to pause.

I’m tempted a lot.   Are you?  

Sometimes I’m tempted to skip the gym, eat the second helping, fire off an emotionally charged response to a text or post, hold a grudge, roll my eyes, spread the gossip or share my unsolicited opinion or advice.  

Some days I’m tempted to give up, quit or remain in my comfort zone.  

We all know Satan’s our enemy. And there’s always somebody who doesn’t like us acting as enemies of our happiness. 

But what if sometimes the enemy we need deliverance from isn’t out there? It’s in us. 

To not be for yourself is to be against yourself.  To not support you is to sabotage you and be your own worst enemy.

When you criticize your waist size, downplay your achievements, hold yourself hostage to your past, settle or lower your standards you become the enemy of your freedom, peace and possibilities.

Do you wonder if Christ knew the temptations coming to His followers after His departure?

When He wasn’t there to calm the storms would the disciples want to quit?  

When people no longer witnessed His miracles, would they be tempted to doubt the ones they had seen? 

Would they require deliverance from their own egos, agendas, ambitions or pride?  

When you’re tempted or battling within yourself, stop, step aside and submit to HIs leadership that leads to freedom.  

Success begins with surrendering, stilling your heart and mind long enough to receive divine instruction, inspiration and encouragement.

It’s just a thought. 

Sandra Hubbard

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