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I love Spring. I enjoy cleaning, purging and preparing spaces that feel light and peaceful especially when the world around me feels heavy, dark and chaotic.

While we can’t control all that’s happening around us, we do have some say over our personal spaces.

Many ladies have told me that due to various reasons they probably won’t take vacations this year.

However, they still want to enjoy the benefits vacations offer like rest and relaxation.

When travel was postponed due to Covid a while back, I decided to transform my home into a “vacation destination.” If I couldn’t go on vacation I would bring vacation to me.

Pinterest became my interior advisor and pictures of upscale hotel lobbies and rooms were my inspiration to create a space that felt elegant, peaceful, inviting and relaxing.

I invested in fresh flowers, coffee table books, candles, plush towels, French milled soaps and quality bed linens.

I decluttered counter tops, cabinets, drawers and closets. Then I created a patio area that beckoned me each morning with coffee, my Bible and my journal and each evening with a fascinating book.

Home Goods became one of my happy places and still is.

Styling your surroundings doesn’t require going into debt. Purging, rearranging and repurposing what you have works wonderfully.  I do this often! 

Maybe you want an outdoor space for al fresco dinners, a bathroom that feels like a spa or a closet that inspires instead of overwhelms.

The goal isn’t to design magazine worthy surroundings, go into debt or compare your home to hers. It’s creating your own sanctuary, a place you can retreat when life feels crazy.

Renowned interior designer Elsie De Wolfe said “I will make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”  Inspiring words indeed.

I spent yesterday reimagining each room in my home, removing excess, creating calm, wiping down and cleaning up until what remained was room to exhale, breath, gather and rest.

As I looked around, I inhaled the fresh scents of Pine Sol and luscious candles feeling tired but fulfilled.

I hope to take a vacation soon but if I don’t I can still experience all that a vacation offers right in my own home.

You can too! So, get inspired, get creative then get busy redesigning your spaces.

Sandra Hubbard

2 responses to “Style Surroundings & Spring”

  1. I love the idea of adding things that bring joy. I love too that we can create stunningly beautiful spaces because of places like Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. I so appreciate your taking time to read and comment as well. A blessed day to you 🙂

  2. I love this idea, my home is pretty uncluttered. Me and my husband don’t like a lot of extra stuff and I do agree that we seem to be able to breathe and relax more when the place isn’t cluttered. But there is always room for adding some decor pieces that bring joy. I particularly like pottery so Homegoods is a go to place for me too.

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