Determined Not Distracted

Did you know distractions can be dangerous?  Unchecked, they will consume our thoughts and our energy.

Distractions can either derail or empower us.

Three distractions in particular can threaten our confidence, energy and peace if not contained.  

The distraction of DRAMA.  

It seems drama’s everywhere, from the nightly news to social media. And we all know someone who always seems to be drowning in drama.

Drama drains, distracts and destroys and the only way to deal with it is to decline to participate in it. Walk away, log off or simply stay quiet. 

Redirect your focus from their drama to your dreams.

Get busy on a goal, do something fun, go somewhere new, meet a positive friend for lunch and let her contagious spirit inspire you. 

Drama might be around us but we don’t have to let it in us.

The distraction of DEMANDS.  

Life can be demanding, commanding you to be here, go there and do that.  Helping others is rewarding until it starts costing you your health and happiness.  

Unmanaged demands will exhaust you. Trying to be everywhere and do everything scatters your energy, focus and time. 

There will always be requests for our help. Do what you can and decline what you can’t.  

I used to feel guilty saying no. So many women do but by saying yes when we mean no we invite resentment.

If someone gets upset or withholds affection when you say no, it might be time to rethink that association. 

The distraction of DISCOURAGEMENT.  

You diet but the weight doesn’t budge, start a business but no one buys or apply for the promotion and get passed over.  

Discouraged you slack off from exercise and nutritious meals, show up less and less for your business or decide your cubicle must be where you belong.  

You spend most days wondering “why” and eventually give up altogether.  

I’ve been there, trying but failing to lose weight and starting multiple businesses only to fail which resulted in lots of pity parties and discouragement.

Finally I’d had enough and realized I could either stay distracted by discouragement or use it to fuel my determination to start over.

Did you know you can start over at ANY thing at any time? If you didn’t succeed before, start over.  Revisit that goal. Revise your plan then try again. 

Desire new habits?  Pick one and start over. Want financial independence? Create a money plan and start over.  Ready to get fit?  Lace up your shoes and start over.  

Ditch the distractions, become determined and start over!

Sandra Hubbard

3 responses to “Determined Not Distracted”

  1. Sherrye LaCour Avatar
    Sherrye LaCour

    Thank you for this reminder we cannot hear too often!

  2. Nancy Fletcher Smith Avatar
    Nancy Fletcher Smith

    So true. When God closes the door He opens a window!

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