She’s Self Worth

The Proverbs 31 Woman. You’ve probably heard of her.

She’s the woman we’d all like to be, successful, energetic, creative, confident, financially savvy, well dressed, physically fit and manages her home and calendar like a boss. 

I always felt like a hot mess compared to her until I realized she’s not someone to compete with but someone to learn from. She’s a case study in self-worth.

She’s not trying to shame us. She’s showing what’s possible when we allow God’s Word to be our only source of self-worth.

The Proverbs 31 woman is a description of the kind of wife King Lemuel’s mom’s encourages him to seek, a woman who’s worth is “far above jewels.”

She then paints a picture of what life looks like for a woman of worth.

The P31 woman’s self-worth is evident in how she dresses, keeps home, invests her money, treats others, manages her time and cares for her body as well as who she chooses to do life with.

Self-worth is the “price” we adopt for ourselves, often in our youth.

7th grade bullies labeled me and sadly I accepted those labels without a fight. My self worth continued downhill with every year, every rejection, failure, sin and bad decision.

Once I learned my true value was in Christ and nothing or no one else, everything changed. I didn’t know I had a choice but I did and you do too. We get to choose who to believe. Them or Him.

Our lives reflect our self-worth and elevating it elevates everything else.

King’s Lemuel’s mom knew if her son found a woman who valued herself she’d also value her husband, children, home, body, money, friends and family and describes what that looks like in the remaining verses.

High self-worth isn’t snootiness which is a symptom of insecurity which is rooted in fear.  Instead it’s built upon humility and requires we accept God’s value of us over anyone else’s! 

Start living today like a woman who’s priced “far above jewels” because you are.  

Eat, exercise, dress, believe, speak, think, spend, act and show up like it. Make decisions, clean your house, do your job and choose your friends from it and watch what happens!  

Elevate your self-worth and elevate your life.

Sandra Hubbard 

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