An Unlikely Pew

It’s Spring in Mississippi. 

That means blooming azaleas, ridiculous amounts of pollen, SEC baseball, long walks along the trails and picnics in the park.  Nature’s one of my happy places. 

Time has taught me that God shows up in what some would consider unlikely places like hiking trails, park benches, living rooms, morning runs, road trips, beachside and bike rides.

He’s not just available in temples, cathedrals, synagogues and sanctuaries. 

Some of my most life-changing moments have come in the unlikeliest of places. 

I’ve had amazing moments with God on solo road trips and standing at my kitchen sink.

Communion with Christ can occur in pastures or palaces, just ask David. 

Jonah talked with God while trapped in the belly of a whale.  Paul and Silas’s pew was a dusty floor in a dark prison cell.  

You can talk to God in the car, your closet or your cubicle.

He’s not limited to Sundays and like any father, He’s delighted to hear from His children any time day or night. 

Patios, porch swings, kitchen tables and car rides are unlikely pews where breakthroughs, miracles, restoration and healing have occurred.

Wherever Spring finds you, whether it’s patio or poolside, in the mountains or on the beach, in church or your morning commute, God is waiting to listen, share, teach and encourage you.

Your unlikely pew is waiting on you to come, sit, rest and be restored and refreshed.

Sandra Hubbard

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