A Place at the Table

“Give us this day our daily bread” are familiar words found in Matthew.

Christ is inviting us to come, sit, rest, exhale and dine on His nourishment and encouragement.

The energy you need physically, emotionally and spiritually is found in the spiritual vitamins and supplements He provides.

Shame, anger, fear and doubt kept me from taking my seat at His table for many years.

I was spiritually starved and severely malnourished and it showed in every area of my life.

Sometimes painful events, past sins or unforgotten failures cripple us leaving us unable to sit and receive the spiritual nutrition we need to thrive.

The man by the pool of Bethesda could relate completely.  

While others could easily make their way to the pool, he stayed stuck on the side unable to move and no one would help.  He was overlooked, avoided, ignored and on the verge of giving up.

He’d tried to step into the stirring waters of pool for healing only to have others beat him to the blessing and rob him of his miracle.

He didn’t know it then but his seat at the table was waiting and Christ was calling his name. 

Unexpected situations, unplanned wounds, rejection or failure can blindside you, leaving you crippled with hurt, confusion or shame unable to move.

Christ’s invitation in the Lord’s Prayer beckons you to come, connect and eat until you’re filled (without judgment or condemnation.)

He knows the morning manna is critical to your survival and has a seat reserved solely for you.

The enemy will remind you of all the reasons you aren’t worthy to say “yes” to the invitation because he knows that God’s daily bread will equip you to fight him and win. 

Christ never reminded the man at Bethesda of all the reasons he wasn’t worthy to receive God’s best. He won’t you either.

Your place at the table is reserved just for you. You’re worthy to take your seat no matter what the enemy tries to make you believe. 

Will you come and savor the nutritious, life-giving manna God offers?

Sandra Hubbard 

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  1. Machelle Bernheim Avatar
    Machelle Bernheim

    Wonderful, Sandra!!! Thank you for this reminder.

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