The Hardest Conversations

Hard conversations with others aren’t fun which is why we avoid or procrastinate having them.

But did you know the hardest conversations are the ones that bring the most healing?  

And the hardest conversations you’ll ever have aren’t with others but with yourself.

I call them self-conversations. These talks aren’t invitations to beat yourself up or blame others but simply provide the push to bravely and boldly confront what you’re ready to change.

If you’re ready to get energized and excited again about your life and your future, it begins here.

For these conversations to be effective, they must come from a place of love, respect and grace.

I’ve had to have several self-conversations with myself in the past year about my attitude, habits, beliefs and relationships. I still have to have them. Not easy but definitely empowering.

We’ll never change what we refuse to confront and that includes confronting ourselves. 

And, that change we desire in our lives doesn’t begin “out there” with others, exes, the economy, politics or the weather but in us.

Blaming others makes us victims. I’ve been there and done that. No thanks.

Change begins within you, owning, loving, embracing and gracing you today on your way to the woman you want to become.

Having necessary self-conversations are beneficial to your health, happiness, personal development, spiritual growth and mindset.

They’ll reveal behavioral patterns, unhealed wounds and even unspoken dreams still waiting to be experienced. 

Hard self-conversations will energize you, give you clarity, reduce anxiety, provide future focus and revived faith.

I highly recommend including God in these talks as He brings a level of grace we tend to deny ourselves yet so desperately need.

He won’t sugar coat the truth but He will speak words that might be hard to hear now but will open the door to healing down the road.  

Are there are hard conversations you need to be having with you? 

Have them, even if it’s uncomfortable. When it’s over you’ll feel lighter, energized and empowered!

Sandra Hubbard

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