What You Have

Have you ever needed a miracle, a breakthrough or just a break?   Life looks bleak and you wonder how’ll you’ll get through?

There was a single mom with two kids and a ton of debt who could relate.  She was about to lose everything including her children to her creditors. 

Burdened, burned out and alone she perhaps wondered if anyone cared. God did and He showed up via Elisha, a powerful prophet and man of wisdom. 

She shares her predicament with Elisha and he asked just one question, “what do you have in the house?”  2 Kings 4:2 

Why ask this? 

The Bible doesn’t say exactly but I have my thoughts.  Elisha knew her miracle would begin with her mindset. 

He knew if he could shift her thinking from scarcity to possibility, from what is to what could be, then she’d be poised for her miracle, emotionally and financially. 

She looks around and sees she only has “a jar of oil.” 2 Kings 4:2  Perfect.  

But her story doesn’t end here. Her oil needed her act of obedience. 

Elisha proposed a plan of action for her to use what she had to get what she wanted. All she had to do was say yes. 

She took his advice and this one act of obedience changed her present and future.

She was willing to 1) focus on what she had 2) listen to advice and 3) obey it while trusting the Source. 

Had the woman not listened to Elisha, her story might have ended on a sad note. 

But she did and God did the rest multiplying her oil with her obedience to provide her miracle. She paid off her debt with money left to live on for the rest of her life. Isn’t God amazing?

A shift in thinking, a heart willing to listen then obey and take faith focused actions (instead of fear based reactions) provides the stage for the story of your miracle to play out. 

Whatever you have God can work with.   If God can create an entire universe from nothing, imagine what He can do with your something. 

Within your minuscule is your miracle.  

Sandra Hubbard

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