Are You Blocking Your Blessing?

Have you ever needed a miracle? I have.

For the last 10 years I’ve been believing for one specific blessing that was delayed in coming.

As 1 year turned into 2 then 10 I wondered if God heard my prayers and pleadings.

I believe that there are times we are to wait on God, trust His timing and surrender to His calendar.

In fact learning to wait during this season helped me grow spiritually, build my character and increase my faith.

And yet my miracle seemed always just out of reach and I continued to wait.

But about a month ago (after a particularly bad day) I threw a spiritual hissy fit to my Father and when I was done I expected Him to send me to time out but He didn’t.

And what He did next changed me forever.

He lovingly spoke some hard truths I needed to hear using a familiar story of the Exodus of the Israelites.

The Israelites are finally leaving Egypt for the promised land. It’s all good until they run into their first obstacle, the Red Sea.

They started complaining and never let up. It costs them their destinies, their dreams and then their lives.

God gently informed me that in between all my prayers and pleading I’d complained just like the Israelites did. And it was costing me.

My nonstop complaining was blocking my blessing. Grumbling had replaced gratitude and it was costing me my energy, joy, peace and miracle.

The Israelites might’ve left Egypt physically, but they never left mentally or spiritually so life never changed.

God protected and provided their needs yet they still whined about what they didn’t have.

If you want to block a blessing simply complain, whine, criticize others, gossip, carry offense, bitterness or resentment, compare, envy or grumble.

I wish I didn’t know this to be true but I do.

After God called me out on my complaining by 5:00 that afternoon two MAJOR obstacles to my miracle had been removed.

Lesson learned. Point taken. Course corrected.

These days I try to mind my mouth.

I know now our words will keep us stuck in the very place we’re asking God to set us free from, blocking blessings He wants us to receive.

Let’s commit today to no longer block our blessings.

Today is the day we clear the path to our promised land and receive all the goodness He has for us.

Sandra Hubbard

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