Why Give Grace?

God tells us His grace is sufficient. If only ours were as well. 

We are quick to share our opinions, complaints and criticisms but selfish with sharing our grace.  

How many times have I asked God for grace when I need it but hesitate to offer it when someone else does? 

God’s grace makes navigating our difficult seasons easier. His grace provides us mercy and compassion in our not so finest moments.

Grace is never permission to behave badly but provides us the path to repentance and restoration when we do.  

Giving grace is a choice we make when others wound us. We can react with harsh words or act from a place of grace.  

I believe grace is how Christ was able to remain silent while his hands were being pierced, his beard pulled, his face spit on, his back beaten and his forehead punctured with rose thorns.

It’s easier to withhold grace at an assumed offense but too often we let that offense fester into a full on cancerous resentment that depletes us physically, spiritually and emotionally.

It’s not for us to decide who’s worthy of grace and who isn’t. 

If God doles out His grace based on my behavior, I’m in trouble. So many times I haven’t been worthy of God’s grace yet He bathes me in it. 

Giving grace isn’t giving your stamp of approval on the ongoing bad behavior of others but chooses instead to see beyond temporary emotional outbursts.

Those moments we don’t want to give someone grace is the exact moment we need God’s grace most of all. 

Let’s give grace to others the way we want God to give grace to us.

Sandra Hubbard

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