The Life Redefined

Did you know at any time you can start over?  You are not too old and it’s not too late. 

In fact, you can evolve into a women who’s unrecognizable to people who “knew you when.”

How? By simply redefining your normals to align with who you want to be.

I believe many of our “normals” come from childhood experiences.

Junior high was hell on earth for me. 

My body became the target of boys who thought her undeveloped shape made for good jokes. While the other girls were blossoming into womanly figures, my body simply didn’t.  

Sadly, when 8th grade finally ended, I picked up the body bullying where they left off and didn’t stop for years.  

Body shaming was my normal. Feeling never enough was normal. 

As a woman I entered into the dark world of dieting, deprivation, binging and starvation. I created a ton of evidence and confirmation of the lie I’d believed that I was not enough.

In 2011 I reached a breaking point. My “normals” were sabotaging my self worth, relationships, health and overall well being.  

It was time to redefine my normals, one at a time.

Trying to make multiple changes all at once never works. We just end up overwhelmed, discouraged and exhausted from scattering our focus, time, energy and efforts.

I began with my “normal” around my body beliefs, redefining it to serve me and produce the results I wanted and it did!

I can tell you that any “normal” you’ve lived with that is holding you back can be changed.

The system I devised to redesign my life I now teach in The Life Redefined™ .

This 6-week 1:1 Course is a creative collaboration, a powerful partnership where together we design a path that leads to the next version of you.   

Listen, we are always becoming, evolving and shifting.

And our normals are determining our health, emotional wellbeing, energy levels, spiritual growth, wealth, relationships and even our surroundings.

Perhaps your current “normals” are creating the life you want. That’s wonderful!

If your normals around your body, eating and fitness are resulting in increased energy, strength and confidence, those normals are supporting you.  

If your normals around money are creating financial freedom for you to live the lifestyle you envision, stay the course. 

And if your normals around relationships are resulting in thriving, drama free, calm connections, those normals are healthy. 

But if not, learn how to redefine them to fit the woman you are becoming.  It’s doable because I’ve done it many times.

When my “normal” around ANYthing feels icky, heavy or hindering in any way, I know it’s time for a redefine.

Ask anyone who knew me in my 30’s and now and they will tell you I am completely different and my life has been drastically redefined. 

The Life Redefined™ Course is built upon God’s instructional promise to “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isa 43:18 – 19

Begin with one “normal” that if changed would drastically elevate you and your life.

Then learn to cast a new vision and begin “perceiving” the new things God has waiting for you! 

Sandra Hubbard

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