The Thriving Woman

Sinking, surviving or thriving. When it comes to life, these are our choices.

I spent years sinking or surviving not knowing how to thrive. Thankfully I found someone who does.

Paul. He knew poverty and abundance, plenty and lack and learned how to thrive in both.

He said it’s because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

Paul learned the path to happiness and the key to success passes through through Christ, not around, over or beneath but through.

He knew sheer willpower alone never results in thriving but survival mode at best.

Paul may have benefitted from inspirational sermons and books but knew they could encourage him but never carry him.

I’ve always been a big fan of personal development and enjoy reading and listening to uplifting information that inspires me to continue growing, evolving, moving and trying.

But I’ve learned they can only do so much. On days when my body is tired and my mind feels like a hot mess with sabotaging or unsupportive thoughts, I need more than motivational words.

I need divine, supernatural strength that reignites my hope, calms my nerves and recharges my energy.

If you have a goal that you come close to conquering but never fully, what if you began pursuing it in the supernatural strength of Christ?

Willpower can only do so much. Eventually our flesh grows weak and we quit often just before crossing the finish line.

This is true when it comes to losing weight, getting organized, paying off debt or making any major lifestyle improvement.

We get so close, grow so tired, hit a setback that creates discouragement and eventually we give up.

What if we try Paul’s formula and learn to fully lean into and rely on the strength of Christ?

On days when we have plenty of faith and when we have none, when life is grand and not so great. When we are laughing and when we cry, succeed or fail.

God gave us free will. We can do our own thing and make our own decisions.

This means we get to choose survival mode or thriving mode.

The woman who is thriving has discovered the path to her success passes through and relies upon His strength which is available to everyone.

Don’t sink. And don’t settle for merely surviving. You deserve to thrive.

Sandra Hubbard

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