Well Done!

Social media can be a fun platform we use to communicate and connect.

The “like” button has become our way of responding positively to what we see, read and hear.

Seeing the likes on your posts increase is affirming but it can also become addictive.

Years ago when I first joined social media, I tumbled headlong into the “like” addiction.

It was so subtle I didn’t even know it. But looking back I’m not surprised really.

As a former people pleaser, the like button was instant affirmation, reassurance, an “atta girl” I attached my self worth to and relied on. It’s twisted I know but it’s my truth.

My morning quiet time is when God does His work with and in me. We have joyful talks but also hard conversations.

God is not surprised by our shortcomings, they come as no surprise to Him and with no condemnation from Him.

So when one morning He asked a question that I couldn’t answer, I knew an “aha” moment was on the way.

His teaching moments are precious to me even when they uncover flaws I’d prefer to remain hidden.

His question was this: “What if instead of living for the “like” you lived for the “well done?”

Meaning, instead of chasing “likes” what if we pursued the “well done?”

What if you monitored your words, spent your money, managed your mindset, time, home, car, your body, relationships and goals so that just before you drift off to sleep you hear Him say “well done?”

Because while social media likes are nice, nothing compares to hearing your Father say at day’s end “well done.”

Sandra Hubbard

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  1. Machelle Bernheim Avatar
    Machelle Bernheim

    Very good advice!

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