Seated With You

With Thanksgiving approaching, the dinner table is where you’ll soon gather with loved ones, break bread and give thanks for your blessings.

But there’s another table you dine at daily, your social table.

Who’s dining with you? It matters because the occupants at your table influence how you think, feel, believe, speak and behave.

You get to choose who sits at your table. Are those present hindering more than helping?

We often let our beliefs and feelings determine whose invited.

The work I do with my clients in The Chic Creative’s School of Chic I do alongside them because I too still have so much to learn.

So in full transparency I want to share with you my “table experience.”

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling “not enough” whether it’s not pretty, thin, wealthy, educated, stylish, etc enough you know feeling not enough affects how you live, believe and behave.

You settle, lower your standards and sacrifice yourself trying to prove your worthiness.

This was my story for years.

I attempted to force friendships with people whose actions made it clear they didn’t to be at my table.

Never once did I ask God who He wanted at my table. Now no one gets a seat without His permission.

Your table is a sacred space. Don’t offer a seat to someone because you think they “should” be there.

Just because you’re connected to someone via work, marriage or socially doesn’t mean you are supposed to have a friendship with them.

They may not even want a relationship with you. Respect that and invest your time and energy in those who do.

Think twice before inviting someone to your table for the sole purpose of filling emotional voids and needs.

They aren’t capable and you’ll be disappointed.

I can tell you from experience that people, food, shopping, scrolling, striving or drinking will never fill emotional voids, heal wounds or mend hearts. They’re temporary bandaids at best.

The woman at the well looked to five marriages to make her feel loved, beautiful, valued and worthy. All five men failed.

But one man showed up Jesus Christ and the void was permanently filled.

Finally, make sure the person sitting at your table isn’t in a seat God has assigned to someone else.

The longer someone stays in the wrong seat, the longer the right person has to wait to take their rightful place.

Your table is influencing who you are, where you go, what you do, how you think and what you believe about yourself.

Be intentional of who you do life with. Choose wisely, prayerfully and purposefully.

Who you surround yourself with matters!

And a Happy Thanksgiving season to you all.

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