On Fall

Life happens in seasons. I used to live by months and minutes. Now I’ve learned to live by seasons, creation’s calendar.

Fall is the season of release.

The leaves leave the tree, creating space for Winter’s rest and rebirth and Spring’s new opportunities and fresh perspectives.

I’ve spent years trying to carry last season into my next season only to find myself living in cramped quarters emotionally and physically.

Now each Fall I take a moment to think of what I need to let go of and leave behind.

This Fall I am letting go of overthinking every decision and trusting the Holy Spirit to lead. I trip over myself and Him fighting to control my life and it’s exhausting.

I’m letting go of beliefs that stifle my creativity, silence my voice and suffocate my goals. Yesterday’s mindset has no place in my present or in the planning of my future.

Fall is the perfect season to trading stuff for simplicity and purge what is no longer needed, wanted or used, from my closet to my kitchen and everywhere in between.

I’m letting go of the heaviness of holding on to grudges and choosing to forgive and move forward.

And I’m letting go of words and phrases that I tell myself and others that are draining, depleting or judgmental.

I’m letting go of comparison and competition choosing instead to embrace my authenticity, flaws and all.

This season I’m unpacking and using thing’s I’ve been “saving for special occasions.”

I’m letting go of trendy styles that might be in fashion but make me feel frumpy. Instead I am rocking looks I love and feel amazing in, en vogue or not.

And I’m letting go of focusing on what I don’t have or being so blinded by my burdens I fail to see God’s blessings.

Fall is the season of allowing for all that no longer belongs in your present or future to “fall away.”

What will you allow to fall away, leave behind and release this Fall?

Sandra Hubbard

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    Machelle Bernheim

    Negative talk to myself!

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