Choosing Change

Change can be scary, uncomfortable and open the door to rejection or failure.

How many companies no longer exist because their mentality of “we’ve always done it this way” results in products or services that became obsolete or no longer needed?

Change creates growth and makes life fascinating and fun.

Listen, if you’re happy with your life as is, that’s a beautiful thing. But if not, perhaps it’s time to choose change.

A woman who’s willing to change will see her life change.

Change comes with risk and opens us up to failure.

I’ve made changes that were epic fails. Fallen off of more wagons than I can count and fallen flat on my face more times than I would like.

Choosing change offers us the chance to live a rich life of new experiences and adventures than stay stuck in a rut filled, colorless life that lacks excitement and joy.

You can choose to change your surroundings, your career, who you do life with, where you live or travel, what you eat and how you spend your money.

You can change your mindset, your self-talk, your attitudes, opinions, outfits, beliefs, your self worth and self image.

Conquering my fear of change has changed my life! When people tell me I’ve changed I say “thank you.”

It’s better to fail at changing than failing to change and risk living a life of regret and stagnation.

What do you want to change in and around you?

Sandra Hubbard

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