The Blueprint for Success

I’ve always had a fascination for personal development.

The idea that my potential is limitless and I can grow as little or as much as I want amazes me.

As an avid reader of personal development books, I’ve learned plenty but it’s the inspiration, instruction and information found in my Bible that’s produced the greatest transformation and break throughs.

It’s empowered and equipped me to not just survive life but thrive in it.

For years I viewed my Bible as a rigid, rule book meant to keep me in religious, shame filled shackles.

I was wrong.

It was the key that freed me from legalism, guilt, feeling not enough, bitterness and resentment.

His Word is His love letter to us, an open, ongoing invitation to share our deepest secrets and biggest dreams and find solutions to our most pressing problems.

Your Bible will lead you from dark valleys into green pastures.

It will fill your cup to overflowing, transform your mind, free you from my past, heal old wounds and protect you from potential new ones.

Your Bible will teach you how to succeed on the job or in business, manage your money, care for your body, participate in healthy relationships and practice soul self care.

It’s also filled with stories Hollywood couldn’t write if they tried.

If it’s motivation you seek, healing you need, freedom you crave or love you desire, open His Book and as you read it let it read you.

I promise you when you do that it will not leave you like it found you.

God’s Word is timeless and powerful. It will never be outdated, old or irrelevant.

Everything you need to know to succeed at your one life is in that Book.

It’s your soothing balm for frazzled nerves and a calming elixir for overwhelm.

It offers refuge from your storms, rest for your weary soul, protection, provision, favor, grace, love and forgiveness.

It’s the friend who will listen without judgment or condemnation, offer sound wisdom and provide proven solutions to any problems you have.

Your Bible is your passport to freedom, your counselor, therapist, bestie and confidant. It’s your path to elevated wealth, health and happiness.

It is the ultimate authority and textbook on personal development, spiritual growth, healthy living, boundaries, blessings, and so much more.

If you only have time to read one book in 2023 make it the Bible. Find a translation that you can easily understand and dive in. You will emerge forever changed!

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