What if?

It’s 2023 and with that comes a blank canvas on which to paint a new year.

While I no longer set resolutions I do begin each year with one simple question: “What if?”

“What if this year I” and then I brainstorm all the experiences it would be amazing to have in 2023.

If any of my answers fail to energize or excite me or inspire growth or adventure, they get deleted.

So how would you answer “what if?”

What if in 2023 you: Reinvented your style, organized your home, read the Bible through, bought your dream handbag, forgave someone or yourself?

What if you doubled your sales, started the new business, completed a half marathon, joined a networking group, volunteered with a favorite charity, hired a personal trainer, tried a new hair style, or simply faced your greatest fear?

And what if you let go of expectations, expired beliefs, forced relationships or sabotaging habits and committed to elevating your life to first class?

How you answer “What If” can make 2023 the most extraordinary, fun, exciting year you’ve ever had.

2023 could be the year you break free from stagnation, overwhelm, confusion or living from your past.

So, what if?

Sandra Hubbard
Personal Growth Facilitator

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