Living With No Regrets

Imagine it’s December 31st. I know. That’s a challenge considering it’s only January.

So why look that far ahead? Because inevitably that date will come as it does each year without fail.

The greatest tragedy to me is coming to the end of my life only to look back with regret wishing I had experienced this or accomplished that but didn’t.

I can’t help but wonder if the 11 disciples who didn’t get out of the boat and join Peter walking on water regretted that fateful decision to stay back, hold off, delay or let fear dictate their decision.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime that never came around again!

Only Peter had the story to tell because he was the only one willing to step out into the unfamiliar, scary and unknown and risk sinking, looking stupid or failing.

So please don’t let another year end with “I wish I had. . .” experienced this adventure, taken that vacation, developed this habit, set and achieved that goal etc.

Get out of the boat of complacency and fear, leave the naysayers behind, focus on the future and what’s out front and take it one step at time just like Peter.

Peter’s miracle didn’t happen until he took action. 11 others missed the miracle because they chose to play it safe.

Was Peter scared? Absolutely! Did the others think he was crazy? Probably so but did that stop him? No.

When faith partners with action amazing things happen!

So, what’s keeping you in the boat of “I wish I had?”

Sandra Hubbard

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