On Boundaries

Boundaries are generally associated with our emotional well being, designed to protect us from the toxic, unhealthy and hurtful.

But what if we expanded our use of boundaries, creating and enforcing them around other areas of our lives?

For example, instead of creating a budget with our money (which can feel restrictive, stifling and limiting), we establish boundaries instead.

We use boundaries to guard against impulse purchases, mindless spending or using retail therapy as distractors and void fillers.

Health boundaries would prevent us from punishing our bodies into excellent health using dieting or deprivation.

Isn’t that what boundaries are for? To determine what’s allowed and what isn’t?

Boundaries aren’t limited to emotions and relationships but also used to protect and elevate your health, wealth and self worth.

Boundaries stand guard over you and speak out for you, offering peace of mind, confidence and freedom.

This year consider establishing and enforcing specific boundaries around your money, mindset, energy, body and time along with your emotions and relationships.

Boundaries are wealth builders, body shapers, time protectors and more!

Sandra Hubbard

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