Feast or Fast.

Are you ready to FEAST this year?

At the beginning of the year my church encourages us to participate in 21 days of Prayer and Fasting event.

Each member is to seek Godly guidance in their fasting choice, be it food, sugar, television, social media etc.

As each day progressed I began to wonder what would happen if I fasted certain things for the entire year?

What would 2023 look like if I fasted complaining, criticizing, comparing, competing and judging? Pretty fabulous I’m sure!

What if I fasted people pleasing, procrastination, playing small, holding onto grudges, living in envy, obsessing over what others think, do or say or letting them determine my worth?

This year I want to fast on the draining and feast on the glorious like gratitude, kindness, generosity, life giving thoughts, empowering words and emotions.

None of us are perfect and some days will require higher doses of God’s grace than others.

We’ll have days we feast on what we should have fasted.

During these times let’s remember that God’s mercies are renewed each morning allowing us a clean slate for a new day. (Lamentations 2:22-23)

This year we get to choose what’s on our spiritual diet.

Let’s nourish our minds and hearts with the energizing, life-giving, nourishing and freeing!

What will you feast on this year and what will you fast?

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