On Self Worth

Your SELF WORTH is the determinant for both your view and value of yourself.

It’s either decided by external factors or eternal truths.

External (ever changing) factors include your current weight, house size, bank balance, social standing, job title, salary or other people’s opinions, feelings, moods, labels and emotions.

Some women derive their self worth from their past and use it to prophecy their future.

And, you will have those in your life who only value you when you are catering to their needs at the expense of your own. You’re only worthy to them when serving them but hold no value when you don’t.

But, Eternal truths are never changing facts assigned to you by the One who formed and fashioned you.

You are viewed as “so loved” (John 3:16) and “more valuable than many sparrows.” (Luke 12:7).

That fact will never change. Ever. No matter what you have done, will do or what others think or say.

You get to choose your self worth source – the external or the Eternal.

Decide wisely because your self worth will be reflected in your finances, relationships, thoughts, beliefs, body, habits and behavior, your surroundings, fridge and calendar. 

Trust the Source of your self worth.

He values you when others don’t and sees your worth when others won’t. He has your back when others bail.

Self worth is a spiritual matter, not a social one.

Before you can live a first class life, you must begin with high quality self worth.

Self worth is the stage on which you build your life. It’s where you will give your best performances and stand and weather your scariest storms.

Build your self worth on unwavering Truths that confirm and claim to any and everyone that YOU are a woman of worth!

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