The Power of Music

Are you a music lover? I am!

From smooth jazz to praise to classic rock and country, I appreciate music.

Why? Because it’s powerful, therapeutic, healing and fun.

Music can calm raw nerves, soothe a hurting heart and command destructive thoughts to leave.

Have you met King Saul?

His life is a tragic story of a man who received God’s anointing but ignored God’s assignment. (That’s a topic for another post.)

Saul lived from his emotions and it cost him his position and purpose.

David is employed by Saul as his personal musician.

David is a harpist, poet, shepherd, giant killer and eventual king.

Over time during Saul’s reign as king, he descends into a “black mood.”

So Saul’s staff looks for someone to “play his music and you (Saul) will feel better.”

David’s harp music became Saul’s medicine. 1 Sam 16:14 – 23

Music is my go to elixir. When I feel heavy, I listen to worship music and the emotional heaviness lifts.

Smooth jazz plays while I’m cooking dinner. My patio time pairs with easy rock, cleaning house to straight up country, journaling with cool jazz and a long hot bath to Pandora spa radio.

Music is the medicinal cabinet we forget to open.

I’ve regretted several app purchases but Pandora premium isn’t one of them.

David’s music “would calm Saul down and he would feel better as the moodiness lifted.” 1 Samuel 16:23 (MSG) It will ours too.

Music is the overlooked but effective potion to reach for when you’re wounded, frazzled, overwhelmed, exhausted or just chopping veggies or soaking in the tub.

Music affects moods, evokes emotions and will elevate your mindset, attitude and spirit.

So go ahead and praise, worship, dance, two step, sway and rock on to the medicinal power of music!

Create playlists to serve as background music for house work, hosting a dinner party, praying and journaling, reading beautiful literature, cooking a fabulous meal, lingering on the patio at sunset, soaking in a hot bath or getting dressed for a night out and benefit from the power of music!

Sandra Hubbard
Beauty – Faith – Transformation

2 responses to “The Power of Music”

  1. Beverly Herbert Avatar
    Beverly Herbert

    I’m a huge music lover as well! I totally agree! ♥️

  2. Machelle Bernheim Avatar
    Machelle Bernheim

    Agree wholeheartedly, girlfriend! And crazy enough, I do forget to put something on that’ll soothe the soul. And yes, to Pandora! The best!!!

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