Have you ever been “ghosted?”

You text someone only to hear nothing, get no response or even an emoji acknowledgement of your efforts to communicate.

I have.

Their reasons for not responding I will never know and I know from experience jumping to conclusions or making assumptions without any facts can be emotionally deadly.

So I try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

But when someone doesn’t acknowledge receipt of your texts even if it’s just with a simple emoji it can hurt.

I used to spend days agonizing over they why until I realized God is often in the ghosting.

Their rejection to your efforts to connect is actually God’s intervention for your own protection.

You may never understand or know why they didn’t acknowledge your texts.

But refuse to simmer in anger, make assumptions, spiral out of emotional control, chase or track down – simply thank God for the protection and move on.

Instead of chasing others, choose instead to chase your goals.

Instead of waiting around on a reply, get busy on your dreams.

Never beg anyone for a relationship.

It’s demoralizing to your self worth and depleting to your energy.

Wish the ghoster well and thank God for His divine protection disguised in the form of silent rejection.

Because often times God is in the ghosting.

Sandra Hubbard

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