Plan don’t Perish

Have you ever felt uninspired, unmotivated or simply stuck? I have.

I spent years stuck at an undesirable weight and in unsupportive beliefs, habits, clutter, ruts and destructive addictions.

Stuck had become my story. I had plenty of excuses but no plan for permanent change.

Back then my life could best be described as feeling “stuck in second class” – chaotic and cramped.

I sought solutions and secrets in books, videos and podcasts that would magically transform my life but found none.

Then one morning in prayer I had an aha moment.

How you see your life is how you live your life.

I saw “stuck” and lived out that belief daily. But I decided right then to change my views.

You can too. How do you want to view your life?

Peaceful, abundant, organized, adventurous, calm, luxurious, elegant, simple? The possibilities are endless!

My clients are women who, like me, spent years seeking magic formulas that promised everything yet changed nothing.

“Stuck in second class” is their story too and they are excited and eager to pen a new chapter and chart a new course. So we do.

How do you want to see yourself, your life, your future? Do you have a creative plan to bring that vision to life?

Solomon said it best. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Prov 29:18.

I can tell you from experience that when you partner your vision with a plan and back it with prayer, extraordinary things happen!

Imagine a beautiful vision of your health, home, wealth, style, beauty, relationships, career or calling then creating a simple, doable plan to bring your vision to life!

Are you ready to start designing the next version of you?

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