Travel Light

“Travel light” are two words Christ spoke to His disciples before they set out an their assigned journeys. 

I’ve read these words before yet they never resonated with me until one day they did. 

Having spent years weighed down with clutter, the unhealthy, undesirable, unnecessary and unwanted, in, on and around me, I was definitely not traveling light.

From my weight to my closet, my mind to my heart, I had too much.

Stuff was suffocating while my mind was sabotaging me.

I began to imagine the woman who traveled light creating a clear mental and word picture in my mind and journal.

She lived simply, sophisticatedly and intentionally, valuing high quality, peace, calm, space and experiences over more, excess and stuff. 

Christ knew that the less His disciples possessed the lighter their loads.

Can you imagine living with less to maintain, dust, keep up with, store, find a place for, dwell on, deal with or repair?

Look around you and within you. Are you traveling light, living in simple, elegant quarters physically and emotionally?

When you envision the woman who travels light, who is she? Energetic, adventurous, confident, focused, sophisticated, vivacious, free, abundant etc?

What are her core beliefs, values, thoughts and goals? What’s the condition of her heart, is it hurting or healed? 

The sophisticated woman lets go of the unnecessary, unwanted, expired, broken, and outdated. 

She creates a clear vision, aligns her mind and uses effective actions to design a life that feels light, elegant, significant, fun, free and peaceful.  

3 Simple Paths to the Sophisticated Life is a Self Study E-Workbook Course that teaches you how to travel light.

From paring down your physical environments to resetting your mindset, you learn to:

  • Clarify and confirm what you truly want from yourself and your life
  • Align your mindset and heart to support you
  • Use effective actions to achieve audacious goals. 

Learn at your own pace, study on your own schedule.

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Are you ready to trade the stuff for sophistication and the excess for experiences?  

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