Are you Living Life As-Is?

How would you describe your life? Sophisticated, elegant, calm, hopeful, exciting, organized, beautiful, fun, adventurous or abundant?

How about your home, your mindset, closet, calendar, relationships or style?

For years, I deeply wanted a life that exuded simple sophistication. Instead I lived in clutter, excess, drama, chaos and offense.

My excuses for not upgrading my life included “I don’t have time,” “I don’t know how” and “I tried but couldn’t.” I finally gave up and settled for life as-is.

As-is living is choosing to settle for whatever life decides to give you instead of creating what you really want. Yes, you get to choose. 

I wasted hours scrolling social media playing the sad spectator to everyone else’s sophisticated worlds while mine continued in complacency, clutter, draining, procrastination and stagnation.

But one day I reached a place you may be familiar with. It’s called “enough.” I was officially done with“as-is” living.

With a blank page and a few quality questions I began to create a word picture of “the sophisticated life” and the woman living it.

With that clearly defined vision, I devised three actions I believed would transform my vision into reality, slowly, steadily and daily. They did.

What world do you want to live in? You get to decide. Do you crave more solitude, luxury, substance, connection, healing or personal growth?

Just imagine the possibilities once you get clear on what you really want from the rest of your life!

3 Simple Paths to the Sophisticated Life is the exact system I used to transform myself (and I am still a work in progress) and my life into one that feels simple, elegant and abundant.

3 Simple Paths to the Sophisticated Life is a SELF STUDY WORKBOOK that allows you to learn at your own pace, leisure and convenience how to transition from stuck and settling to sophistication and freedom.

Your definition of the sophisticated life is waiting to become your daily reality!

It’s time to learn a new approach to living beautifully and well and it begins today.

Start creating your sophisticated life here!

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