That’s the Truth

Do you often hear people talk about living their “truth?”

I talked this too until I realized most of my “truth” was actually a lie, label, opinion or past experience that kept me stuck instead of offering freedom.

My “truth” stemmed from unhealed wounds, current emotions, expired beliefs and accumulated offenses that I allowed to become my identity, crutch, excuse or defense when I felt attacked.

What I know now is this.

There’s your truth and there’s God’s Truth. You get to choose which to believe and build your life on.

When we allow our truth to become an unchangeable fact, we severely limit our ability to evolve or grow.

Complacency sets in followed by discontent.

If your “truth” does not align with who God says you are it’s not true. He says you are “so loved” John 3:16 “safe” Col 3:3 “accepted and enough” Rom 15:7 and “healed” Ps 30:2.

Only His Truth will break the chains your truth is using to hold you hostage to your past, anger, shame, guilt or stagnation. His Truth sets you free. Rom 6:22

Don’t live your truth, embrace His.

Sandra Hubbard

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