The Chic Creative

Women Living the First Class Life

In an Economy Class World

The woman living the First Class Life focuses on less but better, quality over quantity and the simple yet sophisticated.

Her life is authentic, original and unfiltered, overflowing with the finest and best, personally and spiritually.

She walks in faith bravely rising up to challenges and rising above circumstances.

She’s imperfect but intentional, building her life upon proven spiritual truths.

She looks forward to her future, appreciates the present and only revisits her past to recall fond memories.  

She is The Chic Creative woman living The First Class Life in an economy class world.

The Chic Creative Collective


The Chic Creative Collective is a collection of courses designed to provide you the essential foundation on which to create your exquisite life filled with adventure, energy, joy and peace.

She stopped fearing change


it changed her life!

The Chic Creative

CHIC pronounced /SHeek/: elegant stylish smart sophisticated tasteful current

CREATIVE pronounced /krēˈādiv/ original innovative productive with a good imagination

the chic creative

Founded in 2016 by Sandra Hubbard and dedicated to providing timeless spiritual and personal development principles with words of hope to women who are ready to be unapologetically empowered, bold, elegant and victorious.

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