Your mindset, emotions and words are shaping your entire world!

If you’re ready to trade excess for elegance, overwhelm for energy, frustration for freedom and the past for new possibilities, it begins with The Chic 3 : Mindset, Emotions and Words.

The Chic Creative is a faith based program that focuses on curating your Mindset Words and Emotions so you can live beautifully, abundantly and well.

The Chic 3: Mind, Words and Emotions:

set you up to win or be the reason you fail.

will be your palace or your prison cell.

You are not too old and it’s not too late to start over, recreating yourself and your life, becoming unrecognizable to those who “knew you when.”

Here’s my truth.

Junior high was miserable for me. While the other girls were blossoming into womanly figures, my body didn’t.

Adolescent boys teased me about my shapeless figure. After high school I picked up the bullying where they left off.

Never feeling “enough” resulted in insecurity, fear, emotional neediness and people pleasing. The past and pain dictated my life for the next 20 years.

At 43 I reluctantly attended a women’s retreat where I invited God into the sordid mess I’d made of my life. He took mess and made it my message.

Since that retreat 10 years ago, I’ve lost weight, cleared life clutter, addressed my triggers, cut toxic ties, discovered my worth, found my voice, started a business and learned to enforce my boundaries.

The Chic Creative is my answer when people ask how I transformed my life. It can be your how too.

The Chic Creative Woman

  • Exudes Style & Elegance
  • Possesses Physical Energy
  • Achieves Audacious Goals
  • Enjoys Abundance
  • Knows She’s Enough
  • Walks in Faith & Peace
  • Has Uncluttered Surroundings
  • Is Confident in Any Setting
  • Enforces Protective Boundaries
  • Is Never an Imitation
  • Lives into her Future
  • Masters her Mind
  • Monitors her Mouth
  • Manages her Emotions

The Chic Creative is Faith Based, Biblically Built & Grace Grounded.

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What She Said

“You’ve done it again. This is the best investment I’ve ever made !” P.S.

“Thank you for feeding my soul with wisdom that I can carry with me on my journey to become a better person.” S.L

CHIC pronounced /SHEEK/: elegant stylish smart sophisticated tasteful current

CREATIVE pronounced /krēˈādiv/ original innovative productive with a good imagination