My Story

I am Sandra Hubbard and welcome to the Chic Creative!

Have you ever been to rock bottom? That place where hopes and dreams die?

About nine years ago, I found myself at rock bottom having given up on God and myself.

Anger, bitterness, resentment, insecurity, frustration, excess weight, clutter, toxic relationships, zero self worth and constant drama had become my norm.

It was certainly not the life this Jesus loving girl growing up in a sleepy southern town dreamed of.

As a child I imagined traveling the world, being an educator and owning a chic chateau in the south of France. I imagined this chic, creative, stylish and elegant woman living a life most only dreamed of.

But somewhere along the way those dreams died taking my soul with them.

I never felt “enough” and always delayed my life until “one day when” which never seemed to come.

Somehow I found myself at a weekend spiritual retreat and it was here I let go and let God. I returned home forever changed.

That was the beginning of the life I now live – A passion driven life built on faith and overflowing with elegance, abundance and authenticity.

Trading self-pity for a passport, excess for unforgettable experiences and the “what ifs” for “what’s next”, life is no longer a daily dreaded chore but a beautiful collective of all that I am.

My faith plays a central and pivotal role in my daily life. I have lived a life without God and it is no life at all .

I am a jazz music lover, simplicity seeker, personal development queen, quote collector and bookworm.

I can lose myself in nature and Sephora and a Chanel handbag leaves me in awe.

It was at rock bottom I saw His hand reaching down to pull me up and He has walked with me ever since.

He renewed my hope, restored my soul, revived my dreams and rewrote my story.

My second wind came in life’s second half.

I have traveled the world and now educate women in God’s Word and it’s relevance and potential power in our daily lives if only we allow.

Thank you for stopping by.

As we say in the South “Please stay and sit a spell.”

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