Hello! I’m Sandra Hubbard and welcome to The Chic Creative!

Have you ever been to rock bottom? That place where hopes and dreams die?

About nine years ago, I was emotionally shattered and spiritually bankrupt, having given up on God and myself.

I was consumed with anger, bitterness and frustration and held onto excess weight and clutter. I engaged in toxic relationships and battled insecurity and self-loathing daily.

This wasn’t the life I dreamed of as a child.

Back then I imagined I was a stylish, sophisticated world traveler and an entrepreneur living a chic, glamorous life.

But somewhere along the way those dreams died taking my soul with them.

I never felt “enough” and always delayed my life until “one day when” which never seemed to come.

Then at a weekend spiritual retreat I finally let go of my pain and let God in.

I have never been the same. That was the beginning of the life I now live.

I traded my addictions and anger for His abundance, my clutter for His calm, toxic relationships for His peaceful presence and made spiritual and personal growth my top priority.

I finally forgave myself and others which I had never been able to do before.

I gave myself permission to pick up the forgotten dreams of my childhood and make them my reality reinventing my life built on solid, scriptural principles that could weather the storms.

I now know a life without God is no life at all.

I had to hit rock bottom before allowing Him to take my hand and pull me up. And He did with grace and without judgment.

He renewed my hope, restored my soul, revived my dreams and rewrote my story.

My second wind came in my life’s second half.

Now I share my story along with those same simple yet powerful, effective, life changing principles that transformed my mind, my body, my relationships and my surroundings.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day stand before women from all walks of life and share my story and teach those same fundamental truths that turned my life around.

But God did.

When teaching enrichment classes or speaking to small groups or social clubs, corporate women or stay-at home moms or civic and professional organizations, I meet incredible women with amazing stories that remind me of God’s presence, mercy and grace.

He always meets us where we are without condemnation ready to put His plan for our lives into motion one day at at time.

Because it’s never too late to get your second wind, to create and live the life you once dreamed of and to do so with elegance and peace.

Sandra Hubbard

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