I am Sandra Hubbard and welcome to the Chic Creative!

I am a jazz music lover, simplicity seeker, southern girl, quote collector and bookworm.

I can lose myself in nature and confess to a weakness for handbags and lipgloss.

About nine years ago, my life consisted of excess weight, cluttered surroundings, toxic relationships and constant internal drama.

My mind was a mess and my life reflected it.

It was certainly not the life I envisioned as a little girl growing up in small town Mississippi who once dreamed of jet-setting around the world and owning a chic chateau somewhere in the south of France.

With zero confidence, an anxious mindset, excess weight, clutter and fear, I was consumed with insecurity.

I never felt “enough” and always delayed my life until “one day when” which never seemed to come.

Somehow I found myself at a weekend spiritual retreat and it was here I let go and let God.

I returned home forever changed.

That was the beginning of the life I now live – A passion driven life built on faith and overflowing with elegance, abundance and authenticity.

Trading self-pity for a passport, excess for unforgettable experiences and the “what ifs” for “what’s next”, life is no longer a daily dreaded chore but a beautiful collective of all that I am.

Thank you for stopping by.

As we say in the South “Please stay and sit a spell.”