27 – We Invest in Our Minds

This week of our 52 Weeks of Chic we commit to investing in our minds. Einstein said “Once you stop learning you start dying” and while that sounds harsh it’s true. Just like muscles atrophy when we don’t use them, our minds slowly wither without mental exercise. We live in a world of instant information,Continue reading “27 – We Invest in Our Minds”

Follow Me

Who are you following?  Who do you share your ideas, dreams, goals, deepest secrets, innermost thoughts and hurts with?  Who is influencing your beliefs, choices, actions, confidence, self worth, present and future? Why does it matter?  Because your life will follow who you are following. Share your goals, ideas and dreams with the wrong peopleContinue reading “Follow Me”

26 – We Stop Chasing Others

In week 26 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we stop chasing others.  I don’t know if you’ve suffered from approval addiction or become emotionally exhausted by chasing others but I have. Like any addiction, the addiction to pleasing others can be draining, destructive and deadly with devastating consequences. You lose your identity, self-worth andContinue reading “26 – We Stop Chasing Others”

Hey That’s Mine

Recently a friend asked me how to achieve a goal she’s had for a long time. While I never claim to be an expert at anyone’s life but my own, I’m always happy to share lessons learned from personal experience and what I shared with her I am going to share with you today. OneContinue reading “Hey That’s Mine”

25 – We Choose One

In Week 25 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we embrace The Power of One.  The Power of One means we select one desire, only one, and we direct all of our energy, attention, time, focus and resources to achieving this single desire.  We choose one goal to reach for, one room to declutter orContinue reading “25 – We Choose One”

24 – We Become Curious

In week 24 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we become curious.   Did you know success leaves clues?  Neither did I until one Sunday my pastor kindly told me. And this bit of wisdom became a game-changer for me.  At the time he said this I was struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, lethargy and mentalContinue reading “24 – We Become Curious”

A Lazarus Moment

Lazarus is dead. His sisters are distraught. Christ is weeping.    Four days now Lazarus has been lying in a cold, dark tomb. Christ’s presence was requested while Lazarus will still alive but He opts to stay away for two days. It wasn’t that He didn’t love Lazarus and his sisters but He’s setting theContinue reading “A Lazarus Moment”

What’s Your Signature Scent?

You know she’s in the room even before you see her because you smelled her fragrance, her signature scent that has become a part of her.  My mom’s signature scent is Estee Lauder Private Collection and my sister wore Calvin Klein’s Escape for years. One whiff of either fragrance and they come to mind immediately. Continue reading “What’s Your Signature Scent?”

23 – We Enjoy Life’s Buffet

In Week 23 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we dine on life’s buffet.  I love a great buffet with it’s vast array of dishes, delicacies and desserts.   The idea of filling my plate with only what I love and leaving what I don’t is divine but I have yet to go through anyContinue reading “23 – We Enjoy Life’s Buffet”

He’s Not Scared

She’s an outcast.  You know, she’s “that” woman, the subject of rumor and gossip, the woman people pretend not to see while strolling the grocery aisle.   And he’s the guy people purposely avoid, the man who’s well aware others find him repulsive. One day this man find outs THE man is passing through who’sContinue reading “He’s Not Scared”

Today We Pray

Today I am protesting. Will you join me? No, we will not be taking to the streets carrying signs, rioting or shouting hatred.   We aren’t seeking attention or applause. But make no mistake. We are not silent. We are making our voices heard loud and clear to the only One who guarantees to listenContinue reading “Today We Pray”

22 – We Perform a Self-Check

In Week 22 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we are going to perform a self-check.  A self check is when we periodically stop and look within ourselves with honesty, grace and kindness. So, what is it we are looking for and why even bother looking? We are looking within ourselves for those traits weContinue reading “22 – We Perform a Self-Check”

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