All You Need is Love

Recently, I picked up a book entitled “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst, a book I simply could not put down until completed.  Here is a link to the book. In the book, the author discusses various topics women face such as fears of rejection and failure but she also talks about love. As women we all … Continue reading All You Need is Love

What is The Chic Creative?

In response to a friend asking "What is the Chic Creative?" Feeling suffocated by the useless excess, emotional garbage, limiting beliefs, self imposed insecurities and a lack of defined desires one day I simply broke. It was time to fully accept responsibility for where I was and commit to making necessary adjustments to changing it. … Continue reading What is The Chic Creative?

The Canvas and the Clay

It started with a 40 Day Prayer Challenge at church. Diving in I was ready to see God answer all my prayers.  And He is  - in His way not mine. While prayer has alway been included in my morning time it had become less passionate and more perfunctory.  Now, being guided by the book "Draw the … Continue reading The Canvas and the Clay