The Last Lamb

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him. . . He was despised and rejected by men and was a man of sorrows, familiar with suffering. . . He took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows. . . He was pierced for [...]

From the Inside Out – Mind Design

Mind Design - Session 2  A beautiful life begins in the mind. Today we prepare to create an exquisite, elegant life as if building our dream home beginning with laying a firm foundation. When designing our minds, we must establish a Rock-solid mental base that can withstand life’s storms and the enemy’s lies. (Matt 7:24-27). [...]

From the Inside Out: What are You Thinking?

In January, 2011 I committed to valuing quality over quantity and set out on a massive life purge. Out went ill-fitting, unflattering, uncomfortable or poorly made clothing and shoes purchased simply “because it was on sale.”   Multiples of any items (did I really need five spatulas, three sets of mixing cups, fifty food storage [...]

From the Inside Out: Out with the Old

The goal of our new upcoming series From the Inside Out: Harnessing the Power of a Made Up Mind, is to study the mind and the power it wields.  A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind.  Recently, during my spring cleaning, I realized after purging closets and drawers, there was one area left to [...]

From the Inside Out: Harnessing the Power of a Made-Up Mind

Why Mindset Matters It is April.  In January you set a resolution to lose weight.  Scouring the internet for various diet plans you select one, create a Pinterest board filled with healthy recipes and fit bodies for inspiration, detox your pantry, swear off sugar, join the gym, invest in cute workout clothes and officially declare [...]

Allowing Authenticity

Because It is Time to Take Off Our Masks Lately, I have noticed a disturbing phenomenon among women, both in social and spiritual circles.   I hesitated addressing this issue for fear of alienating readers but as stated in my last post, we as women need to hear the truth more than ever.  We live [...]

She’s Just Saying

They say the truth hurts. I don’t disagree.   Hearing the truth about ourselves from others can be downright painful.   However, if we can maneuver past the immediate pain and dive into that truth, real growth occurs.  We see this in a fascinating Old Testament story. Ahab was king of Israel.   He partners [...]