Creating Your Comeback

Have you ever been sucker punched feeling like the wind has been knocked out of you? I have as well as every other woman I have ever known. It's a part of life. Unexpected circumstances, losing a loved one, job or financial issues, a health crisis, a crumbling relationship that once held promise - situations … Continue reading Creating Your Comeback

Nineveh or Bust!

Saying Yes to the Hard Things of God Share my life story that includes my mistakes, shames and failures?  Forgive those who have wounded me deeply? Fully commit to a healthy lifestyle rather than sporadic exercising and fad dieting?   Seeing goals and projects through to completion?  Take responsibility for my life? Stop trying to force … Continue reading Nineveh or Bust!

Forgetting to Remember

Live long enough and you learn that life is never a straight road but consists of unexpected turns, frightening valleys and desolate deserts. Those happy moments experienced on the mountaintops offer an unobstructed view of God’s blessings and how far He has brought us. Yet when wandering through the lonely deserts of discouragement, that breathtaking … Continue reading Forgetting to Remember

Life in the Rearview Mirror

Summer means pools, picnics and patio parties viewing magnificent sunsets.   Summer also means my close friend and I can meet for lunch.  She is a kindergarten teacher so come August our time together is relegated to evenings and weekends.   Time spent with her is always uplifting, inspiring and fun.  She exudes elegance, positivity … Continue reading Life in the Rearview Mirror

Tribute to a Teacher

She kept a jar of miniature candy bars on her desk with a box of birthday candles next to them. I didn’t notice them immediately but they came to play an important role as the school year went on. Being a shy, insecure, introverted eleventh grader, I was mesmerized by her confidence, elegance and subtle … Continue reading Tribute to a Teacher

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Lately I have been knee deep in dirt, planting, potting, and pruning. While I am no green thumb, in gardening I have learned much about life.  Social media can be a positive force in creating awareness, encouraging generosity and inspiring change but also a source of negativity, frustration, comparison and criticism.  Facebook allows us to … Continue reading How Does Your Garden Grow?

From the Inside Out: Know Your Tribe!

Session 4 From childhood on our mothers warned us that  “birds of a feather flock together”  understanding the powerful influence of those in our inner circle.  Solomon did too. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Prov 27:17 We have learned that a beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind built upon the … Continue reading From the Inside Out: Know Your Tribe!