Week 12 – We Create Space

Week 12:  We Create Space

Spring is officially here and this week we create space for her.

Space invites creativity allowing ideas to freely flow.  When there is room in our minds to think clearly then the answers we have long been searching for suddenly show up.

Creating space means creating calm. A sanctuary in the storm. 

Society encourages us to accumulate more stuff but deep down it isn’t more we want but less. It’s space we really crave.  Space to clear our heads and our hearts. Room to breathe and thrive.

While we can’t control what goes on in the world, we do have a say in our own environments, physically and mentally. 

To make room for what we really want we simply create room for it. 

With social media we can see what everyone else is doing, where they are vacationing and dining.

We see their purchases and know about their hobbies, accomplishments and promotions and it can evoke different emotions and reactions, some positive, some negative. 

In reality, social media is actually neutral and only takes on the influence or meaning we give it.  

Two women may see the same post of a friend who has lost weight and looks amazing. One woman will be encouraged to continue pursuing her fitness goals while the other will become consumed with envy thus stifling any progress towards hers.

The social media post was neutral but the choice each made after seeing it wasn’t.

One commits to scheduling time to detox her fridge and pantry or go for a daily walk. The other remains in her cluttered mind stuffed with jealousy and never loses a pound.  

Creating space isn’t confined to the external. 

Space is needed in our heads just as much as in our homes. This week we are making space for what we really want and tossing what we don’t. 

We are taking the toxic, the unused, broken and ill-fitting to the mental and physical landfills and donating our extras, spares and no-longer-needed to the local charity.

We are essentially creating opportunity for what we truly want. 

If we want to look stylish we create space in our closet for only items that make us look and feel stylish. 

If we crave delicious meals, we clear space on the kitchen counter to prepare them.  

If we want to rock a slim waistline, we clear room in the refrigerator and pantry for fresh fruits, veggies and nutritious snacks and find fifteen or twenty minutes on our calendars for a walk or workout.

If we want to be more productive then we create a beautiful, efficient workspace with organized folders and neatly arranged papers and never waste another minute looking for documents. 

If we need more iPhone storage we clean up our digital world, deleting unused apps, old emails and texts, duplicate pictures and spam. 

If it’s focus, energy, personal or spiritual growth, new ideas or goals we want, we stop playing the past on mental repeat, holding onto grudges or drowning in guilt and shame.

If we want to enjoy others, we trade the relationships that are burdensome or draining for healthy, life-giving ones.

The times we are in have forced us into a social sabbatical to reflect on what truly matters so today let’s begin creating space for all we value and hold dear. 

We create space. 

Sandra Hubbard 

For Such a Time as This

Today we are witnessing social upheaval and unprecedented levels of fear and uncertainty like never before. From this a great need is emerging.

You are needed. I am needed. Our gifts and prayers are needed. 

Why this is all happening is subject to opinion and speculation.  But what our role is in this moment is not. God’s Word clearly spells it out for us. 

God promoted Esther from commoner to queen.

When her people were in peril, her uncle told her   “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this.” 

I believe we are in our “royal position”  as God’s daughters for this very moment we are in as a nation and as a world. 

Peter proclaimed “God has given each of you gifts from His great variety of spiritual gifts.  Use them to serve one another. . . then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ” 1 Peter 4:10-11 

Our gifts are given to us by God to help each other and bring Him glory. 

Our prayers, talents and generosity are needed like never before.  Prayer knows no boundaries and is able to reach across oceans and continents to change lives and circumstances.   

Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning is his account of his time in the concentration camp in Auschwitz.  

Determined to use his gifts everyday to help others instead of focusing on his own needs he found a reason to live. In the depths of despair and unfathomable conditions Viktor Frankl discovered the true meaning of why we are here and it isn’t for ourselves, it is for each other.

Each day let’s look for ways to help others whether it is sending an encouraging email or text, fixing a meal for an elderly, showing patience and kindness in checkout lines and of course praying for our nation.  

We don’t have to merely survive this moment but we can thrive during it by living for a higher purpose that will bring glory to the One who sustains us during these times. 

And, perhaps this season will return us to our porches engaged in conversation, finally getting to know our neighbors or gathered around the dinner table.  

Maybe this time of distancing will stir a desire deep within us to reconnect with the Father seeking wisdom for the times we live in.  

God has called each of us “for such a time as this” having prepared and positioned us to offer help and hope in a world so desperately in need of it. 

Today is our day. This is our time. 

Sandra Hubbard 

Anchors Down

With the chaos tossing us across a sea of turmoil lately, it’s easy to become afraid and unsure of what lies ahead. 

Even with Christ in their midst the disciples panicked when the storm came certain they were going to drown.  Luke 8:24 

Yes things look bleak and the future seems uncertain but  “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Heb 6:19

Hope anchors our soul, keeps us steady and calm and focused instead of fearful. Hope is where we find peace in the time of trouble. 

David said “Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Ps 20:7

Today tune out the world and trust in God knowing this storm will pass and we will emerge stronger in our faith for it.

During this time of social distancing we draw closer to God drawing deeply from His strength and relying daily on His protection and provision. 

“So be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail or abandon you.” Deut 31:6 NLT

Today we let down our anchors of hope, firm and secure in the promise of His presence. 

Sandra Hubbard

Week 11 – We Define Success

Your friend has an enviable job with the corner office and incredible salary. She lives in a magazine worthy home with the picture-perfect family, dresses in couture and drives a new car.

Her life epitomizes success yet she’s never felt more unfulfilled and confides in you one day over lunch that she struggles with depression, loneliness and emptiness. 

You are stunned!  How could this be? Her life looks so perfect!  It’s because she’s living someone else’s definition of success.

It’s like wearing a trendy top that’s the latest style.  It’s uncomfortable and not even your style but you wear it anyway because it’s the latest trend.    

Maybe you’re the woman whose life says “success” but you don’t feel successful.

If so, then it’s time to rethink and redefine your definition of success.  

How do we do that?   

By tossing aside everything we’ve been taught by friends, family or society about “success” and ask  ourselves “What does success look like TO ME?”  

There’s no wrong answer.  

Success to one woman may mean spending her days in her small cottage home painting.  While she has to supplement her income with a second job she’s fine with that because for her success is getting to do what she loves everyday which is creating masterpieces.  

Another woman realizes success for her means being an entrepreneur, her lifelong dream.   

Her friends thought she was crazy for giving up a six-figure job and yes, she had to change her life-style and spending habits but she’s never been happier.   She loves the independence and challenges entrepreneurship has presented and believes she is living her definition of success.

Two women who defined success differently found success once they created their own definition of it. 

So, how do you define success?  What does it feel and look like to you?  What does a day in the life of the successful woman look like?  

How does she dress, what is she involved in, what are her interests, hobbies and skills?  What does she watch and read?  Who is in her inner circle?  

Again, this isn’t a test and there are no wrong answers – only your answer. 

Once you define this then you are free to begin living out your own version of success.

So how do YOU define success?   

Sandra Hubbard 

Faith or Fear?

Never before has our faith been tested like it has lately it seems.

If I allow it, fear would strangle all hope but I’ve learned through experience that fear like any emotion is a choice.

I choose my emotions. They don’t choose me.

It’s easy to let the news and social media make that choice for me but doing so allows them to steal my power and freedom to choose.

Perhaps you can relate.

So I can either choose to believe the world or I can choose to believe His Word.

And today, I choose Him.

He says “God did not give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”2 Tim 1:7

He says “Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are Mine.”Isa 43:1

He says” Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Josh 1:9

He says” For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do Not Fear, I will help you.” Isa 41:13

Knowledge is power so getting the facts and helpful information is wise as it equips us to make smart decisions and take effective actions.

Reacting from fear however will only keep us in a state of panic and draw us into a web of worry.

Today, my prayer for us all is that we remember that in this valley we are not alone, we are protected, shielded and have a refuge we can run to when the world seems like it’s gone mad.

With love to you all,

Sandra Hubbard

Week 10 – We Change the Way We See Failure

MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES! It appears Week 10 did not show up Monday when published!

So while it’s a couple of days late I do hope it inspires and challenges you to rethink the way you see failure.

One of my favorite books is by John Maxwell entitled Sometime You Win Sometimes You Learn. 

He writes “Ninety percent of those who fail are not actually defeated; they simply quit. . . As you face bad experiences, it’s important for you to remember that you can rarely see the benefits while you are in the midst of them.  You usually gain perspective on the other side of it”

I have yet to meet a woman who has never failed.   

I have met plenty who never try because of their fear of failure and I’ve been one of them.

For years I refused to set goals because I feared failing at them.  

Fear of failure keeps us from trying or when when we try and we do fail, we slap a label on our forehead of “Failure” and quit altogether. 

Failure is only failure when we fail to learn from the experience otherwise it’s no longer failure but a lesson learned. 

The woman who experiences failure repeatedly is NOT a failure.  

She simply hasn’t yet learned the lesson the experience is trying to teach her because if and when she does she won’t repeat the failure. 

Failure can reveal patterns and encourage new ways of thinking that will eventually lead to success.

Choosing to believe that failing makes us failures robs us of our power.  

For example, when we make multiple attempts and fail to lose weight quickly either through starvation or fad diets but never learn that both are temporary fixes and not a lasting solution to our weight issue, then we will continue the vicious dieting cycle.  

But once we figure out that starvation/fad diet plan is never going to work, then we are free to move forward and find a more effective, long lasting weight loss program. 

Failures are simply learning opportunities that open the door to rapid growth.  

So today we stop wasting precious time and emotional energy beating ourselves up choosing instead to seek the lesson and move on. 

A surefire to get and stay stuck is to spend years berating ourselves up over past failures.

We are not failures. 

We are students in the classroom of life and those who ace the class are those who quickly from their mistakes and move on never defining themselves by their failures.  

G.K. Chesterton said “How we think when we lose determines how long it will be until we win.” 

So, if you are ready to win then begin today by changing the way you view failure.  

You’ve failed.  I’ve failed .  But we are not failures. We are learning as we go from every experience all the lessons we need to succeed. 

Changing the way you view failure changes everything. 

Sandra Hubbard

The Thief of Busyness

The woman is busy, moving at breakneck speed and always on the go.  Busyness is her life. 

Today she has company coming and there’s so much to do. Martha’s story is my story and maybe yours too. 

Christ is on his way to her home for dinner and she wants everything to be perfect. 

Perfectionism and busyness tag team to rob us of precious opportunities, lessons and blessings God longs to give us.  

There the Prince of Peace sits watching her quietly, waiting and wondering if He will get the opportunity to share the love, joy and life He brought for her but sadly never gets the chance. 

Martha’s so busy she doesn’t recognize the gift she’s just been handed. 

Christ “God made manifest in the flesh” (I Tim 3:16) is sitting on her sofa.  It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, a scenario most can’t even imagine. 

And yet it is played out in our lives every day.  

From the moment we wake up until we return to bed at night our Omnipresent God is there. 

He gently nudges us awake and sees us slowly amble to the kitchen for morning coffee and joins us at the table as we turn on our cell phones or open the daily paper and He waits. 

He joins us for our daily commute to work or as we begin our housework, takes a corner seat and He waits as we go about our errands and tasks. 

Leaving the office He sits in the passenger seat in the car as we make our way home and He waits. 

Finding a spot in an easy chair He quietly sits as we watch our favorite tv shows and He waits. 

Then exhausted we head for bed. He is there protecting us while we slumber keeping us from all harm (Ps 4:8) and He waits. 

He had so much to tell us today but didn’t get the chance and so He waits. 

Martha loved her Lord there is no doubt about it but like many of us busyness had robbed her of the ability to see what was truly important. Love was standing before her and she missed it.

David in his darkest hour went before the Lord where he found encouragement and strength(1 Sam 30:6) And we can too anytime, day or night.  

God doesn’t condemn us when we fail to create time for Him because that’s not His nature. (Rom 8:1) He doesn’t get offended, mad or angry. He just waits. 

What kind of love is this that values us enough to wait patiently day after day?  

Every successful relationship must be built on continuing communication. 

Going days without talking soon becomes never talking and no relationship can thrive under those conditions. Without communication, we will share space with someone but not intimacy, not a relationship. 

And as with God, our relationship requires ongoing fellowship to flourish. 

I wonder if later Martha looked back with sadness on that day Christ came into her presence realizing too late the magnitude of the moment she missed.

I like to think this was the day she learned what was important and what wasn’t.

I believe God doesn’t have a problem whatsoever with us enjoying downtime, a little tv or time on social media.

But when those activities become thieves that rob of us time to visit with Him, does it hurt Him?

Have you ever had someone sitting across from you yet they spend the entire time scrolling or texting? I have. Over time I just stopped attempting to engage them and moved on.

I have also been this person and regret the moments I missed because my head was buried in a screen. To the friends across the table who sat and waited while I scrolled I apologize.

Thankfully our Father is much more patient and never stops trying to engage us. He simply waits.

Today He’s waiting to share life-changing moments, grand adventures, unimaginable opportunities and beneficial and profitable ideas with us. 

And, He’s ready to finally free us from the thief of busyness if we will we let Him? 

He is waiting on the other side of our busyness.

Sandra Hubbard

Creating a Why that Wins

Today at the gym I noticed it’s less crowded than it was in January which is common.  We begin each year committed to our resolutions only to give up around early March. 

This was my story each year. 

Nine years ago I attended a spiritual retreat and this prodigal daughter finally returned home to Christ. 

Later in prayer I confessed to God my disdain with myself, particularly my body and my mind.   

For years I loathed myself, treating her like trash instead of the temple she is.  

I fed her trash foods and crap thoughts, punished her with harsh criticisms and cruelly withheld love from her somehow believing that would force her into being who I wanted her to be.   Sad, I know. 

I told Him everything I hoped to have, do and become.  

And I complained  about my body and weight I gained that wouldn’t budge.  How it must have hurt Him to hear me criticize His handiwork this way.  

When I was done, instead of being angry He asked me a simple yet powerful question:  “Why?as in why do you want to lose weight?   

I was about to learn a life-changing lesson. 

How we answer the question of “Why” reveals our beliefs which determine our success because life is simply a reflection of our beliefs. 

My why was the belief that if I lost weight then others would love me which would mean I was worth loving. This belief was a lie because (a) I was already loved and worth loving and (b)we can’t control how others feel about us. 

By trying to change my internal beliefs externally I failed at not only losing weight but everything else I had attempted because I had yet to learn that  a transformed life begins with a transformed mind.  

Success is an inside job.  

God gently informed me that He already loved me and it had nothing to do with my weight, the number of social media “friends” I had, my credit score, my mistakes, my past, my successes or failures. He just loved me, unconditionally, as-is. Period.

And in that moment everything changed. I threw away my old belief which was a lie and accepted His truth. 

My why then changed which changed my determination to not only lose weight but to love and appreciate the wonder that I am.   

My new why for getting healthy was my desire for increased energy I needed to live the life I imagined while also learning to value myself in the process.  

That was a positive and powerful why that could produce a win. 

I learned that internal beliefs like self-worth can’t be created externally because we can’t control the external. 

Our why always reveals our beliefs and either leads us towards or away from what we want. 

So, when deciding what you want, first ask yourself why you want it.

If your “why” uncovers a defeating, false belief or is dependent on others’ opinions, then immediately seek a truth to replace the lie.  

How do you know if your belief is lie? If what you think is true is the opposite of what God’s Word says about you, it’s a lie. 

Your success will always be dependent on your why which will always be shaped by your beliefs.

Your why is the fuel that keeps hope alive and keeps you going when you want to quit.  

Creating a why that wins starts with being honest about what we believe, confronting it and if it’s  a lie then changing it because we can’t change what we refuse to confront.  

God’s Truth of Who we are in Him is the solid foundation on which to construct a beautiful, meaningful life.

Paul wrote “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.  Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (Rom 12:2) NIV 

God transforms us beginning with changing what we believe.  Yes! Our beliefs are that important and powerful.

What if you made a list of your top five desires and ask yourself why you want each one?

If your why reveals a false belief that’s keeping you from having that desire, confront it, chunk it and replace it with God’s Truth.  

Then create a new why built on those new truths and go after what you want!

When you create a Why that wins – you win.

Sandra Hubbard 

Week 9 – We Invest in Ourselves

Week 9 – We Invest in Ourselves

When was the last time you invested in you?  Usually when asked this question, most of us either can’t remember or not sure we ever have.

We gladly invest in others but see little reason to invest in ourselves. 

For years I couldn’t justify investing in myself because deep down I didn’t believe I was worth it seeing it as a waste of my time and resources. 

But I heard a story that changed the way I looked at self-investment and my life. 

A woman found herself at rock bottom.

She was broke, unhappy, lonely and frustrated until one day in an aha moment she realized that nothing in her life was going to change until she changed.  And that day she decided to start investing in herself. 

Time and money once spent mindlessly or on the unnecessary she began intentionally spending on personal growth and self care which impacted every area of her life. 

She lost weight, met her soulmate, got free from debt, changed careers, travelled internationally, left her job to create her dream career, wrote a book, and so much more. 

My opinion of self-investment changed after hearing her story. 

So yes that gym membership, online courses, personal trainer, library card, running shoes, small group, blogs, books, podcasts and sermons, counselors, nutritionists, life-coaches, mentors or therapists are all investments that pay huge dividends. 

Many self-investments cost nothing and require only our time, discipline, determination and commitment.  

You’ll  immediately recognize a woman who invests in herself by her boundless energy, genuine laughter, her confidence, relationships, lifestyle, incredible adventures and experiences – all the results of self-investment. 

So this Week of Chic is all bout seeking opportunities to invest in ourselves.  

Because we can choose to make changes or make excuses.  

Maybe it is scheduling a walk, creating an at-home workout, joining a gym, reading empowering books, listening to inspirational talks, meeting up with a friend who motivates us or enrolling in an online course that fascinates us. (Open Culture or Coursera are wonderful sources with many of their courses available for free.)

It’s not  so much how you invest in yourself but simply that you do. 

Your self-investment might be a pampering massage or facial that allows you a moment of stillness and relaxation, a yoga class, a park bench and a cup of coffee or simply a long, luxurious bath.

So how do you plan to invest in You this week?

Sandra Hubbard 

When You Don’t Know What To Do

What do we do when we don’t know what to do?  How do we win the battles life throws us into?  

Success leaves clues and we find them in the story of King Jehoshaphat whose country is about to be attacked by foreign armies.  (2 Chron 20)

Alarmed, he “resolved to inquire of the Lord” (20:3) praying “For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us.  We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.” (20:12). 

Instead of focusing on circumstances he focused his attention on God seeking an answer and it came via a man named Jahaziel who said “Listen, King Jehoshaphat . .  this is what the Lord says to you.  Do not be afraid or discouraged for this vast army FOR THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS BUT GOD’S.” (20:15) 

“You will not have to fight this battle, take up your positions, stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you. . . . Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow and the Lord will be with you.” (20:17) 

“Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld . . . (20:20)

Within this story is our battle plan when we face hard choices, not sure where to turn, are discouraged, stuck, confused or frustrated, experience loss or are wounded by others.

Jehoshaphat realized his problems were too big for him but not for his God and neither are ours.

In faith he tells God “ . . . You will hear us and save us.”  (20:9) 

He cried out to God for help and God showed up reminding Jehoshaphat this battle wasn’t his but his Heavenly Father’s.

He then commanded Jehoshaphat to “take up your positions, stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you (20:17).  

God also told him to boldly “Go out to face them”because “the Lord will be with you.” (20:17).

God didn’t tell Jehoshaphat to deny or fear the circumstances but to face them reminding him he wasn’t alone in his fight and neither are we.  

God also didn’t make Jehoshaphat’s problems disappear but instead used them to show Jehoshaphat His power, His protection and His presence.  

So what “positions” were Jehoshaphat and his people to take? I believe it was Worship.  

Jehoshaphat “appointed men to sing to the Lord and praise him . . .  and they went out at the head of the army saying “Give thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever” (20:21).  

Instead of picking up their swords, these men fought with the weapon of worship. 

While they were worshiping, their God was fighting for them and “the Lord set ambushes against the men . . .  and they were defeated.” (20:22)

By trading their worry for worship and putting praise before the problem, God solved the problem and He will do the same for us.  

God fought and won while they worshipped and praised Him. 

By trading our worry for worship, we move our focus from the problem to the Problem Solver allowing Him to fight for us as He did for Jehoshaphat.  

I don’t know what battles you may be fighting today but I do know you aren’t alone and “this battle is not yours, but God’s.” (20:15).  

He sees, He knows and He cares.   He loves you unconditionally and will fight for you.  

And one more thing – after the worship came the blessings (20:24-25), joy (20:27) peace and rest. (20:30)

Sandra Hubbard

Week 8 – We Listen

Have you ever noticed how loud life seems to be sometimes? 

Traffic, tv commercials and social media are constantly screaming for our attention. 

What if we turned down life and really began to listen?

In week 8 of 52 Weeks of Chic we practice the Art of Listening.  

Listening is a critical part of our overall wellbeing.  It asks us to turn down the noise, silence the distractions, be still and quiet with just ourselves. 

For years I found it impossible to be alone or still for any lengthy amount of time. 

When not surrounded by others I needed my phone and/or tv on “for the noise” or to be busy doing something or going somewhere because deep down I was afraid of what the silence might bring. 

I have met other women who also avoided silence or being alone.

Years pass without many of us ever really knowing what we want from life because finding out might include hearing painful truths or facing fears.

It’s easier to mindlessly do what everyone else is doing and hope for the best.

However when we take time to listen, our desires and goals will begin to surface.  We will never get what we want if we never take time to find out what we want. 

Listening to our bodies informs us of her health status, when she’s exhausted or sick, in need of self-care or medical attention. 

Listening improves conversation. So often we begin formulating our response while others are talking and fail to really understand them because we didn’t fully give their words our attention. 

Listening reveals the beauty of this playground we call earth.  

When walking in nature I would have music blaring in my ears until one day when I forgot my earbuds and was forced to listen to nature instead.  

I never knew there was a symphony playing – rustling leaves, running brooks and songbirds.

Listening reveals our beliefs allowing us to embrace encouraging, helpful thoughts while tossing those that keep us stuck, angry or defeated because we choose our thoughts, they don’t choose us.   

Listening encourages our spirits, protects our health, cultivates stronger relationships and teaches us truths.

Learning to listen is like any other art form requiring practice, patience and discipline and this week we focus on LISTENING. 

So I encourage you to turn off, log out, get still, be quiet and listen.  

Listen to your heart, to your dreams, to nature, to the silence and to the Lord.  

Listen to understand, for inspiration, instruction, encouragement and truths.  

Just listen.

Sandra Hubbard


Everyday A Gift

Today is God’s gift to us.

This past weekend I had the joy of attending our grandson’s third birthday party in Kentucky. 

He is without a doubt pure, walking sunshine.   If happiness had a face it would be his!

On the way over we noticed traffic at a complete standstill on the other side of the interstate and eventually saw the remains of a horrific accident.   

According to local news reports, ongoing construction had halted traffic.  

A semitrailer was stopped as was the car behind it.  Sadly the driver of a truck following the car didn’t realize traffic was stopped and forcefully slammed the car into the backend of the tractor trailer tragically killing three.

The images haunted me all weekend and on the way home I learned more about those deceased.  A grandmother, grandfather and their two year old grandson walked into eternity that day.   

I have witnessed accidents before but this one shook me to my core as I suddenly understood the brevity of life.  

Each morning God places in our hand His gift of one more day.

The gift of today doesn’t come with a guarantee of tomorrow and I sadly wonder how many “todays” I have taken for granted as I squandered precious time on matters that in the grand scheme of life was meaningless – worrying, angry, ungrateful – moments I allowed to mar the gift.

Today I mourn for a family I never knew who taught me perhaps one of life’s most valuable lessons and that is that each day is a gift, unearned and unmerited.     

Please know I am not trying to depress anyone.  

But I am pleading with us all to fully grasp this beautiful experience called Today and never take it or others for granted.

This family had names – the Brashers from Sardis and their two year old grandson Benjamin.  In a split second their families were forever changed.  

A mom will never see her son graduate or become a husband or father.  A daughter lost her mom and her child in an instant. A grandfather will never take his grandson fishing or throw a baseball with him because those tomorrows will never become todays.  

Let us step back from the busyness of life for a moment and appreciate this moment called Today.   

Don’t delay your happiness or dreams waiting for “one day when” because now is the time and today is the day.

Yes today is the day to hug tighter, love harder, laugh more, forgive, apologize, say thank you, appreciate the little things, slow down and savor moments, call loved ones to say “hello” and maybe just log off for a while and live life in real time because once Today is gone, she never returns.  

How I regret the time I killed and the energy I wasted stressing, worrying, angry or turning mole hills into mountains that stole so many of my Todays.

This morning God has placed in our hands His most cherished and valuable creation and that is Time only asking that we treasure it for the priceless gift it is and steward it wisely.  

I also ask that you remember this precious family in your prayers in the days ahead as they grieve an unimaginable loss.  

Sandra Hubbard

Be Bold Be Kind Be You 

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