Lessons from a Nine Year Old

Swimming is her passion, her love and in the summer her life. Participating in a local swimteam, she has learned the importance of teamwork, excellence and commitment.

Recently, in a two lap relay, as she dove in her goggles slipped around her neck. Yet instead of stopping to adjust them, knowing time was clearly of the essence she simply pushed on.

Her eyes burning, stinging and red from chlorine and losing her sense of direction on the final lap forcing her off the lane delaying her time completion she refused to quit and pressed on. And while she didn’t win the race, she emerged from that pool in my mind a true champion.

Funny what you can learn from a nine year old.

You see, when you clearly know WHO you want to be and are committed to becoming her whether you are nine or ninety you will find a way to push on.

When others’ words and actions sting leaving your eyes red from crying, determined you refuse to stop, listen, run or hide.

When you can’t see a way to win or even if you are on the right path, you keep going.

Because when your commitment is strong, your “WHY” clear and you have absolute clarity on what you want you will find the determination to press on even when life’s unexpected roadblocks happen.

Somedays will be better than others. But as John Maxwell says “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. You never lose.” You keep going. You keep moving forward. And you keep becoming “that” woman you know you want to BE!

Sandra Hubbard
Elegance Seeker/Inspirational Instructor



I Used To

I used to _____. Every woman can complete that sentence.

I used to battle deep depression and experience severe anxiety and overwhelming insecurity. I used to believe I had accumulated so many unforgivable mistakes, poor choices and epic failures God could never forgive me. I used to embrace self loathing like a close friend believing I was worth little. My long list of “I used to’s” could continue.

God loves a Used To story. Our before and afters attest to His great mercy, grace, love and patience.

Like the lame man in Acts 3 who used to be crippled, one encounter changed all that. “When all the people saw him walking and praising God, they recognized him as the same man who used to sit begging at the temple gate called Beautiful.” (3:10) His chance meeting with an anointed Peter gave him his own “Used To” story!

The woman caught in adultery used to seek love where no lasting love could be found. The woman healed from the issue of blood used to live with debilitating sickness daily. The woman at the well used to believe she was as only as worthy as her current relationship.

My “used to” has been replaced with “now I am.” One encounter with Christ will do that. Now I am secure, at peace, and worthy because He deemed me so. Now I am excited about my future knowing my past has been forgiven.

Just like the lame man I am recognized by many as “the same” but I know I am not. No longer paralyzed by life’s sorrows I too “am walking and praising God.”

Your anxieties, fears and past that have crippled you can be transformed into your testimony and your own “Used To” story if you simply ask.  A story that is begging to be completed and told!

Sandra Hubbard


Just Say Yes!

Yes! Yes I will volunteer.  Yes I will attend.  Yes I will ask. Yes I will go. Inside I am screaming “Absolutely No” but instead I say “Yes!”

Why say “Yes” when I feel “No?” A book of course.  One that challenged, inspired and catapulted me from my cozy familiarity into the wild unknown.

That book is “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. Here is the book on Amazon.

Opportunities to live an adventurous life came often yet the author never accepted.  She was too shy, too scared, too busy, too tired. Her sister told her “Shonda, you never say yes to anything.”  Knowing her sister was right and her exciting looking life was actually incredibly lonely she decided to spend one year saying “Yes!”

Inspired, I committed to spend 2017 saying “Yes!” to my life.  Already I have experienced exhilarating, palm sweating, heart pounding, fear inducing moments of sheer joy mixed with gigantic waves of panic!

I quickly realized it is in the unpredictable, risky world of “Yes” that inspiration, confidence and growth live.  Where memories are made, fears faced, comfort zones crushed and priorities and purpose discovered.

No I don’t know what the future holds but Yes I intend to find out.

So far, saying “Yes” introduced me to wonderful ladies I had never before met at a lovely luncheon thus overcoming my shyness.

Saying “Yes” empowered me to slay the giant that is fear of rejection by boldly sharing the restorative benefits of LIMU like my limitless energy, crystal clear focus and trimmed waistline with others longing for the same.

“Yes” encouraged me to be open and authentic in an incredible group of inspiring women as together we walk with Beth Moore through 2 Timothy.

“Yes” has me tossing my rigid agenda for unplanned trips with my sister reminding me that often the grandest adventures and favorite memories are created in the spontaneous.

Yes, I have wandered far from my comfortable world into a place where I have forged lasting friendships, developed new skills, traveled to new places, conquered lifelong fears, discovered confidence, found my voice and cultivated a lasting love of myself, my life and others.  Scary? Yes!  Worth it?  Yes!

“Yes” will open up your world.  “No” will leave you in the world you are in.  Will you say “Yes?”

Sandra Hubbard

A Certain Woman

He is here. She invited him to dine with her and her family. He said yes. The opportunity that others could only dream of has now become her reality. Dinner with the Teacher.

Martha should have been overjoyed but instead she was overwhelmed. In her anxiety and self-imposed obligations, duties, needs and distractions she missed the purpose of His presence – time to sit, listen and learn.

It is easy to criticize Martha. She invited Him. She offered her home and volunteered her services. Why didn’t she plan beforehand having everything prepared and in order so she too could relish in His presence?

Yes, over coffee the next day I could scold then pity Martha for missing out on the greatest moment of her life, though no doubt her intentions were beautifully noble.

Until I look at her startled to see my own face looking back at me.

I tell the Lord often I need more of Him, more of His time, His wisdom and His words. I sense His excitement at my request as He too longs for my undivided attention and affections, eager to share all He has with me.

Yet often when the time comes for me to actually take that time with Him, I find myself distracted by a sink full of dishes, a mountain of laundry, emails to respond to, work to do, social media enticing me, commitments and obligations to fulfill, and people to please.

And like Martha I become frustrated and angry questioning why others are allowed to enjoy His company and I am not.   The answer is simple.

Because, like Mary, they made a conscious decision. Mary too had “many things,” (Luke 10:41) in life similar to Martha perhaps.  We all do. But she knew she could either allow them to overwhelm her or she could spend time wth the only One who could meet those needs and calm her fears. She chose to sit still. Life would simply have to wait.

But like Martha so often I miss my moment.  Fortunately, His invitation is always standing and His door is always open.

So, leaving the worry and anxiety behind, I must choose to find a place along side my spiritual sisters at His feet and allow my soul to breath deep then release the overwhelm and anxieties of life and inhale peace, power and calm.

Time with Him changes us as I am certain it did Mary.  It infuses us with much needed hope, a renewed sense of priorities and purpose and a chance to slow down and remember who we are and whose we are.

Yes, life can wait because He is waiting for you and me. Will we choose to set aside the mess to hear His message? To disengage from life and engage with Him?

“Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling.  Calling for you and for me.”

Sandra Hubbard


bible 1 .jpg

All You Need is Love

Recently, I picked up a book entitled “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst, a book I simply could not put down until completed.  Here is a link to the book.

In the book, the author discusses various topics women face such as fears of rejection and failure but she also talks about love.

As women we all want to love and be loved. But, after reading this book, I realized perhaps we are, like the country song says, “looking for love in all the wrong places.”

Sustaining love will never be found in others approval or acceptance, in a bottle or a bar, lovers or labels, accolades or achievements or perfect conditions or circumstances. Lasting love cannot be measured by the number on the scale or the number of likes on social media. It cannot be bought, traded or bartered for.

Genuine love begins with God, is placed within the woman, is excavated by Christ and cultivated daily through grace.

Col 3:14 tells us that “And above all these things, put on love.” Why? Because when we are wearing love, and are “rooted and grounded in love.” (Eph 3:17) we are then equipped to handle life’s storms and disappointments. We don’t fall apart when lovers leave, friends walk away, failures haunt us and labels fade.

We are loved by a Father who doesn’t make His love circumstantial, has no weight requirements, demands no achievements be made or accolades be won, finds us gorgeous when we are made up and stunning when the makeup comes off. He loves us when we don’t feel loveworthy or when others treat us as unloveable.

My encouragement for you today is that you step into His love. Breathe it in, luxuriate in it, and simply accept it. We sing a song at my church that says “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never walks out on me.” That is the love that will sustain you through sleepless nights, lonely days and discouraging times. Embrace the love and embrace Him. Then simply be yourself knowing you are loved and loveworthy.

Sandra Hubbard





What is The Chic Creative?

In response to a friend asking “What is the Chic Creative?”

Feeling suffocated by the useless excess, emotional garbage, limiting beliefs, self imposed insecurities and a lack of defined desires one day I simply broke. It was time to fully accept responsibility for where I was and commit to making necessary adjustments to changing it.

Change begins by asking the right questions and that day my questions were “WHO do I want to be, WHAT do I want, WHY do I want it and HOW can I obtain it?”  My initial answer was “I don’t know” but determined to excavate the truth, I kept digging until the answers finally emerged. Knowing these answers changed EVERYTHING.

Being a list-lover, I wrote down those answers then a list of tasks necessary to get what I longed for which was and is to infuse my everyday with inspiration, adventure/travel, elegance, simplicity and joy because that is what my heart craves. (I silently referred to this list as “Operation Comeback”).

When others noticed my “Comeback” their question was “How?”

And from sharing my struggle, my story and my faith with them, a deep desire to pursue a life intent on inspiring you to satisfy your heart’s cravings was born.

From this blog to sharing with ladies groups as well as coaching women individually, my ultimate goal is to provide you the motivation, encouragement and support needed to experience life on your terms.

 And that is how The Chic Creative came to be.

Thank you for being here! As always your comments are welcome below and you are welcome to share this post.

Sandra Hubbard


The Canvas and the Clay

It started with a 40 Day Prayer Challenge at church. Diving in I was ready to see God answer all my prayers.  And He is  – in His way not mine.

While prayer has alway been included in my morning time it had become less passionate and more perfunctory.  Now, being guided by the book “Draw the Circle”, my prayers were forced from the repetitive to praying with authenticity, honesty and a call to surrender completely to Him, something I had never fully done.  I regularly and freely offered God suggestions as to how He could and should answer my prayers.

Yet one morning the frustrations became too much, the formality fell away and out came the truth, all of it pouring forth like a rushing river that could not be stopped.

And God listened.

I vented and complained about my disappointments, cried many tears, asked “why” repeatedly, admitted truths about myself I self-righteously ignored, utterly fell to my knees in surrender then pleaded for grace.

It was raw and it was real. Then it was quiet.

What had I done?  Had I alienated or angered Him? Now what?

Then He was there softly speaking His word through Isa 64:8 “…You are our Father, We are the clay and You our potter” and Gen 1:1 “… God created the heaven and the earth.”  Could I trust Him the Creator in every area of my life?

After years forcing God from His rightful place behind the potter’s wheel and in frustration grabbing the paint brush from His hand all I had to show was a useless lump of clay and a blank canvas.

I wasted tears and years trying to be the Painter and the Potter and out of sheer desperation was ready to finally accept my rightful place as the canvas and the clay.

To watch, wait and seek His will instead of forcing my own then blaming Him when it failed.

In letting go I found what I thought having control could give me – Peace.  He is capable, He cares and I now know that surrender comes before success.

This canvas and clay owes her all to the Painter and the Potter.

Sandra Hubbard






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