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Week 13: We Go Outside

Nature is our playground. God’s designated area for us to explore, experience, regroup and reflect.  After the rainy winter and now suffering from social distancing, nature is beckoning us to come outside and play surrounding us with signs of hope and buds of renewal.  Nature is therapy, she’s inviting, non-judgmental and kind.  In our ever-changing unpredictable world, nature gives us a sense of consistency … Read More Week 13: We Go Outside

Psalm 23: A Study

Psalm 23 is perhaps the best known of all the Psalms. Never before have six scriptures been so timely and relevant for the season our Nation is in. Please join me as we study and reflect upon these beautiful, powerful and hope filled passages of scripture starting Wednesday, April 1st at 10:00 a.m. THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE GATHERING. I will simply post the … Read More Psalm 23: A Study

I Am Not Listening

Within a New Testament story is a simple yet powerful principle of living the bold life.   Christ is headed to Jairus’ house to heal his daughter who was sick but gets sidetracked on the way to help a woman desperate for her own miracle. While ministering to her, Jairus’ daughter dies and some people from his house came and said “Your daughter is … Read More I Am Not Listening

Week 12 – We Create Space

Week 12:  We Create Space Spring is officially here and this week we create space for her. Space invites creativity allowing ideas to freely flow.  When there is room in our minds to think clearly then the answers we have long been searching for suddenly show up. Creating space means creating calm. A sanctuary in the storm.  Society encourages us to accumulate more stuff … Read More Week 12 – We Create Space

For Such a Time as This

Today we are witnessing social upheaval and unprecedented levels of fear and uncertainty like never before. From this a great need is emerging. You are needed. I am needed. Our gifts and prayers are needed.  Why this is all happening is subject to opinion and speculation.  But what our role is in this moment is not. God’s Word clearly spells it out for us.  … Read More For Such a Time as This

Anchors Down

With the chaos tossing us across a sea of turmoil lately, it’s easy to become afraid and unsure of what lies ahead.  Even with Christ in their midst the disciples panicked when the storm came certain they were going to drown.  Luke 8:24  Yes things look bleak and the future seems uncertain but  “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm … Read More Anchors Down

Week 11 – We Define Success

Your friend has an enviable job with the corner office and incredible salary. She lives in a magazine worthy home with the picture-perfect family, dresses in couture and drives a new car. Her life epitomizes success yet she’s never felt more unfulfilled and confides in you one day over lunch that she struggles with depression, loneliness and emptiness.  You are stunned!  How could this … Read More Week 11 – We Define Success

Faith or Fear?

Never before has our faith been tested like it has lately it seems. If I allow it, fear would strangle all hope but I’ve learned through experience that fear like any emotion is a choice. I choose my emotions. They don’t choose me. It’s easy to let the news and social media make that choice for me but doing so allows them to steal … Read More Faith or Fear?

Week 10 – We Change the Way We See Failure

MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES! It appears Week 10 did not show up Monday when published! So while it’s a couple of days late I do hope it inspires and challenges you to rethink the way you see failure. One of my favorite books is by John Maxwell entitled Sometime You Win Sometimes You Learn.  He writes “Ninety percent of those who fail are not actually … Read More Week 10 – We Change the Way We See Failure

The Thief of Busyness

The woman is busy, moving at breakneck speed and always on the go.  Busyness is her life.  Today she has company coming and there’s so much to do. Martha’s story is my story and maybe yours too.  Christ is on his way to her home for dinner and she wants everything to be perfect.  Perfectionism and busyness tag team to rob us of precious … Read More The Thief of Busyness

Creating a Why that Wins

Today at the gym I noticed it’s less crowded than it was in January which is common.  We begin each year committed to our resolutions only to give up around early March.  This was my story each year.  Nine years ago I attended a spiritual retreat and this prodigal daughter finally returned home to Christ.  Later in prayer I confessed to God my disdain … Read More Creating a Why that Wins

Week 9 – We Invest in Ourselves

Week 9 – We Invest in Ourselves When was the last time you invested in you?  Usually when asked this question, most of us either can’t remember or not sure we ever have. We gladly invest in others but see little reason to invest in ourselves.  For years I couldn’t justify investing in myself because deep down I didn’t believe I was worth it … Read More Week 9 – We Invest in Ourselves

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