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How to Say Thank You

With Thanksgiving approaching I was thinking this morning of all I had to be grateful for. In prayer I asked God “How could I ever adequately express my gratitude for all He’s done for me? His gentle response? “Let your life be your daily expression of thanks.”  Let me explain. How do we thank Him for our health?  By taking exquisite care of our … Read More How to Say Thank You

52 Weeks of Chic

Introducing 52 WEEKS OF CHIC! What does it mean to live a Chic Life?   The Chic Life embodies simplicity, substance and style.   The Chic Life seeks daily spiritual growth, welcomes personal development opportunities and pursues experiences that energize the spirit and nourish the soul.   The Chic Life is a life with paths leading away from comfort zones and into beautiful spaces … Read More 52 Weeks of Chic

A Woman’s Place

What are your talents?   Every woman has talents.  I have yet to meet a talentless woman though many proclaim they have none.   What do others compliment you on? Your voice? Your sense of style? Your organizational or domestic skills? Your artistic talent? Your business experience? Your ability to connect and communicate well with others? Are you a people person or prefer working … Read More A Woman’s Place

The Art of Friendship

Lately I’ve noticed a particular topic frequently mentioned in my social circles and it is the subject of friendship or perhaps the lack thereof.  So many women are desiring yet lacking healthy, meaningful friendships.     Could it be that while we all want friends we have yet to understand “The Art of Friendship?” The Art of Friendship consists of four major components: Time, … Read More The Art of Friendship

Celebration You

When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Can you remember? If not then girl you are long overdue for a celebration! Have you ever completed a goal, overcome a difficult obstacle or survived a hard time then celebrated your ability to rise to the occasion? Every woman I know has achieved so much but most seldom if ever celebrate their achievements. My pastor … Read More Celebration You

Beyond The Ache

She was young, beautiful and loving life until the storms came bringing her to her knees. Now suddenly widowed and emotionally shell-shocked, Ruth is now facing hard truths and even harder choices.  She hadn’t planned this.  She never dreamed it could happen to her.   No woman ever does. Now what? Should she stay with her mother-in-law Naomi, who has also lost her husband … Read More Beyond The Ache

Breakups Breakthroughs and Breakouts Session III

BREAKOUTS Hopefully by now those breakups that led you to your breakthroughs have prepared you for your break out.  What does it mean to “break out?” A woman who is breaking out is living every area of her life on a noticeably higher level than most around her. It is reflected in her home, appearance, job, finances, health and relationships. Because she has broken … Read More Breakups Breakthroughs and Breakouts Session III

Breakups Breakthroughs and Breakouts: Session II

Breakthroughs (Session II of III)  Breakthroughs come after the breakups and before the breakouts.  Breakthroughs are beautifully designed to usher us into a new chapter of life, to unleash and develop the potential buried in our emotional rubble and create dramatic and permanent change.  They ask us to be vulnerable, authentic and honest with ourselves. They require boldness and a willingness to move into … Read More Breakups Breakthroughs and Breakouts: Session II

Breakups, Breakthroughs and Breakouts

BREAKUPS – SESSION I of III The calendar says the last stages of 2019 are here with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon. Holidays are crazy busy then suddenly it’s a new year.  While I usually take time during the holiday madness to journal my desires and commitments for the upcoming year I realized recently a different approach is in order.  For us to … Read More Breakups, Breakthroughs and Breakouts

What’s Her Story?

She is funny, stylish, artistic and wise. She loves to travel, dance, create, cook, garden and getting together with friends. She is an entrepreneur, a teacher, a dancer, a singer, a high achiever.    She’s been hurt, betrayed and wounded. She’s failed miserably, loved hard and overcome triumphantly.    She laughs, forgives and cries.  She’s made mistakes, bad choices and wise decisions. She has … Read More What’s Her Story?

The Past Redefined

Every woman has at least one thing in common. We all have a past. For years my past was like the bully on the playground cruelly taunting me keeping me in fear and stuck in a constant state of self-condemnation. Is it the same for you? What would happen if instead of seeing our pasts as reminders of our missteps we viewed them as … Read More The Past Redefined

Creating Your Comeback

Have you ever been sucker punched feeling like the wind has been knocked out of you? I have as well as every other woman I have ever known. It’s a part of life. Unexpected circumstances, losing a loved one, job or financial issues, a health crisis, a crumbling relationship that once held promise – situations that leave us in an emotional fetal position barely … Read More Creating Your Comeback

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