The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new


Each Chic Creative Course inspires you to live exquisitely and well.

I often dreamed as a teenager of one day living like Audrey Hepburn, elegant, poised, confident and chic. My reality was more Ellie Mae and while for many that’s okay I longed for something different.

Fast forward to adulthood and those dreams were replaced with responsibilities, fears, insecurities and frustrations leaving me consumed with bitterness, bills and resentment.

I tried every self-help method available but would eventually return to old habits and beliefs. 

After giving my life to Christ at 43, I asked Him why self-help had failed me and this is what I learned.  

Self-help relies on self which is by nature flawed, moody, reactionary, fearful and weak. It isn’t nor will it ever be capable of creating permanent change because it relies on self to heal self which is like the blind leading the blind and both will “. . .fall into the ditch.”  Luke 6:39  

It also disregards the deeper needs of a woman’s soul, lacks depth and substance and fails to admit or acknowledge the necessity of spiritual guidance. 

So I began searching scripture and quickly learned that when God’s Word meets faith-based personal development, it gets real! Fast!

My transformation was so shocking women started asking me “how?” which led to The Chic Creative Courses.

Each Course is built upon the spiritual principles and faith-based personal growth tools that transformed my life in a way self-help never could.

When faith meets elegance and personal development meets God’s Truth, the result is a life filled with simplicity, style, sophistication and success.

If you are currently saddled with excess emotional, financial and physical baggage, let me remind you God created you for much more.

It is never too late to live the life you want.

By fusing scriptural truths with personal development principles you then create your life from a place of hope and with purpose.

So dust off your dreams, pour a cup of coffee, grab your Bible and a notebook and start your transformation at The Chic Creative.

Course I – From Average to Amazing

(How to lose your extra baggage – emotionally and physically)


(How to discover and use your place of power to reclaim your life)