Every woman has a story. This is mine.

I grew up in the deep south with dreams of one day living a life full of travel, elegance, style and success.

At 43 I hit rock bottom drowning in clutter, carrying excess weight and suffocating in insecurities, low self worth and resentment.

I had to make a choice that day. Get up, dust myself off and press reset on my life or stay at the bottom.

I chose to get up but it was only with God’s grace and help that I was able to do so. With time, tears and facing hard truths He began writing my comeback story.

I lost the weight, cleared the internal and external clutter and discovered my self-worth in Christ.

Friends began asking me how I so drastically changed my life.

I share the exact truths, resolutions and principles that so transformed me to guide women to start where they are today and create a life they love.

At the end of your life (and mine) I want us to look back in gratitude and amazement at what God did for us, with us and through us.

You are enough and “worth far above jewels.” Prov 31:10

Sandra Hubbard