Hello! I’m Sandra Hubbard and welcome to The Chic Creative!

Every woman has a story and this is mine.

As a young girl growing up in the deep south, I dreamed of becoming a glamorous woman living a life overflowing with travel, culture, luxury, elegance, style and success.

But I found myself in midlife surrounded with clutter, carrying excess weight, drowning in drama, suffocated by insecurity and suffering with addictions and a broken heart.

There was nothing elegant about me or my life.

At 43 I hit rock bottom and it was here I surrendered and allowed Christ to mend my shattered heart.

I went went from being emotionally and spiritually bankrupt to discovering my worth and finding my voice.

I lost the excess – excess weight of 20 pounds, excess clutter, guilt, shame and resentment.

I found freedom, energy, abundance and most importantly my own voice. God handed me back the power the enemy had stolen, taking me from hopeless to healed.

That mess is now my message.

Today I share the truths and scriptural principles that healed my heart which permanently transformed my mind, body and surroundings.

I am so grateful you are here.

Sandra Hubbard

Author/Speaker/Master Motivator