Every woman has a story. This is mine.

7th grade was awful!

That’s when adolescent boys began the bullying – mocking my shapeless figure.

I didn’t know what “late bloomer” meant then so while the other girls blossomed my body was slow to bud.

I blamed myself and hated my body, a battle that would continue into my early 40’s.

Their cruel taunts became my set of beliefs that created low self worth, insecurity, fear, addictions, emotional neediness and people pleasing.

Believing I was ugly, broken and not enough was my story until at age 43 while at a women’s retreat God transformed my sordid mess into my message.

11 years later I’ve exchanged those sabotaging beliefs for real Truths which empowered me to confront my triggers, elevate my beauty, find my style, tone my body and upgrade my surroundings.

I’ve cut toxic ties, discovered my true worth, forgiven past offenses, overcome my addictions and started The Chic Creative. It’s been a process, a journey that I never imagined would be my story.

My purpose was literally birthed from my pain. People began asking me how my life was so radically transformed. It’s a testimony I’m always glad to tell.

That “how” has become the foundation of the School of Chic.

Using faith based, proven principles, you too can elevate your self worth, break free from what’s hold you back or keeping you stuck, stagnant or settling.

Now, my how can be your how too!

You are enough and “worth far above jewels.” Prov 31:10

Sandra Hubbard