Every woman has a story. This is mine.

I grew up in the deep south with dreams of one day living a life full of travel, elegance, style and success.

At 43 I hit rock bottom drowning in clutter, carrying excess weight and suffocating in insecurities, low self worth and resentment.

I had to make a choice that day. Get up, dust myself off and press reset on my life or stay at the bottom.

I chose to get up but it was only with God’s grace and help that I was able to do so.

With time, tears and facing hard truths I began writing my comeback story. I lost the weight, cleared the internal and external clutter and discovered my self-worth in Christ.

I was and still am a changed woman. Friends began asking me how I so drastically changed my life.

And, from my mess came The Chic Creative’s message and everything I teach in the School of Chic.

It’s never too late to have the life you want and be who you want.

And in case you need reminding, you are not broken and you are more than enough.

Sandra Hubbard

Faith Based Personal Development Facilitator