The CC Manifesto

The Chic Creative Woman’s Manifesto

She is a collector of moments not things.

She values quality over quanity from her wardrobe to her relationships and everything in between.

She believes in herself, trusts her instincts and focuses on living her life while forgetting her age.

She firmly believes that no one’s life is as perfect as their social media posts suggests and Wonder Woman was fiction.

She refuses to allow others or her past mistakes to define her 

She understands the power of the perfect shade of lipstick and appreciates fresh flowers, luxurious smelling candles, relaxing baths, traveling anywhere, a beautiful handbag, solitude and connection, clutter-free surroundings, belly laughs, great music, cleansing cries, rainy days and good reads.

She will never be the woman who didn’t chase her dreams and knows she will only get in life what she has the courage to ask for.

She pursues goals that challenge her always remembering it is not the destination but the woman she becomes along the journey.

She prioritizes spiritual growth and invests in personal development knowing an inspired, informed, faith-filled woman can always rise to any challenge. 

She seeks progress not perfection and knows when to turn the page and move on. 

She savors delicious meals and can enjoy an occasional decadent dessert without guilt.

She avoids trends, drama, excess, gossip and toxic people.

She knows that what feels like the end is often the beginning and her struggles and scars are simply part of her story.

She regularly presses pause on social media understanding that life is better lived in real time.

She values her health and treats her body like a temple not a trashcan.

She can often be found in nature strolling God’s magnificent playground.

She cultivates healthy friendships and is selective, loyal and fiercely protective of her inner circle.

She will eagerly help others even when there is nothing to gain or it is inconvenient.

She refuses to hold grudges and is quick to forgive even when the apology never comes. 

She understands she will never be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay.

She never depends on others for her self-worth or waits for anyone to give her what she can give herself.

She will never be heard making excuses, blaming others or refusing to take responsibility for her life.

She lives her life on her own terms without guilt and apologizes only when it is truly warranted.

She enjoys her own company, is her biggest fan and best friend. 

She doesn’t take life too seriously or other’s actions personally.

She lives in a state of gratitude to God for the abundance that surrounds her.

She conducts her pity parties in private and celebrates her successes in public.

She avoids comparing her life to others choosing instead to focus on blooming where she is planted in grand style.

She is elegant, cultured, kind, unpretentious, passionate, authentic and unstoppable.

She knows she is enough never alone as her Father is always near, always listening, always merciful and always loving.

She is the The Chic Creative Woman!