What do you do when you’ve done all you know to do?

The books, diets and podcasts haven’t worked. You remain overwhelmed and discouraged.

Your solution is in the second wind, your pause to reset then set out on a different path.

Every change begins with choice and you get to choose to either sit down in your setback or start again on your comeback.


A Second Wind is your opportunity to begin again on your own terms, armed with the skills and knowledge necessary to create the life you want.

What would your life look like if you had abundant energy and time, financial freedom, healthy, toxic-free relationships, lived in clutter free surroundings without excess stuff, guilt or weight?

Welcome to A SECOND WIND, an educational, empowering platform that promotes hope, healing, transformation and growth.


  • Inspiring Devotional introducing inspiration, theme and purpose
  • Four 1:1 – 60 minute private calls (via In Person – FaceTime – Zoom)
  • Course Worksheet Downloads/Resources/Studies


The Temple Theory

Your body is the structure on which your daily life is built. Your “food story” will make your body either fierce or fragile, a temple or a trashcan. How you fuel your body physically matters.

A Woman of Wealth

A woman of wealth is a woman who enjoys abundance in every area of her life, from her health to her relationships, her wallet to her career. She exchanges her beliefs of scarcity and lack but of elegance and plenty.

Reset Ready Go!

Lethargic, in a fog? Need a boost? In this course you will learn how to create massive energy needed to fuel your life.

“You’ve done it again. Love this!” P.S.

Thank you for feeding my soul with wisdom that I can carry with me on our journey to become a better person.” S.L