Do you need to exhale? Perhaps you just need a moment to press pause?

What if you could simply step back, gather your thoughts, catch your breath and get your second wind?

You’d be able to think clearly without the brain-fatigue. Energy and enthusiasm would replace the lethargy caused by overwhelm and confusion.

You’d stop long enough to decide what matters most and what no longer does then build your life around that.

Everyday would be lived with passion, peace and purpose.

You’d rewrite the second half of your story deciding the ending intentionally instead of leaving it to random chance.

Because you see, your story doesn’t end here although some chapters may have left you gasping for air, exhausted, frustrated or just confused.

A Second Wind is a series of eight faith-based teachings designed to reignite your soul, reset your mindset, redesign your body and health and recreate your surroundings. It’s a recalibration of your life as a whole.

A Second Wind focuses on the three factors impacting you the most – your BELIEFS, BODY AND SURROUNDINGS.

This course is taught in a personal, customized 1:1 setting either live online or in-house. A Second Wind fuses faith, knowledge and experience to provide you with a blueprint for permanent transformation.

A Second Wind does not involve dieting, deprivation, self-help, guilt, shame or punishment. It does, however provide the wisdom and tools needed to build an extraordinary life.

When You get A Second Wind you

  • Live fully convinced you are more than enough.
  • Heal your relationship with yourself, your body and food
  • Utilize exercise as an act of self-care.
  • Own your mind so she serves and supports you
  • Allow your past to become your greatest teacher, mentor and trainer
  • Embody confidence and always feel at ease in any social setting
  • Enjoy elegant, clutter-free, stress-free organized spaces.

Maybe you are exactly where you want to be and have no need for a second wind.

But perhaps you do, desperately and now.

If so, email me, Sandra Hubbard, Founder and Encourager at thechiccreative@gmail.com or “Connect” on the TCC website.

At 43, I was exhausted. Carrying excessive weight and clutter, emotionally and physically, life literally knocked me to my knees, down but not out.

It was here I stopped to get my breath and a second wind.

Ten years later, God has taken what I thought was the ending of my story and used it as the introduction to the best part of it.

All because of a second wind.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

Oscar Wilde


Life mirrors your mind which will always be led by your heart – every thought, word, action and choice, emotion, belief and mood.

Chapter One is a TCC Immersive teaching you how to change your external world by changing your internal world with help from the Eternal.


Your body is the foundation on which your daily life is built A healthy relationship with food and your body will make you fierce or fragile.

The Temple Theory is an unconventional approach to wellness and the solution to lack of energy, poor body image and an unhealthy relationship with food.


Your surroundings are either suffocating or inspiring you, energizing or depleting you.

Living in First Class teaches you how to edit your surroundings to reflect the woman you want to be and the life you want to live. First Class living is valuing quality over quantity and experiences over excess.

“You’ve done it again. Love this!” P.S.

Thank you for feeding my soul with wisdom that I can carry with me on our journey to become a better person.” S.L