The School of Chic is where you learn to turn setbacks into comebacks and transitions into transformation.

With * online courses * private tutoring * small group gatherings * monthly devotionals *access to private YouTube channel learning videos *inclusion in the SoChic Students Only FaceBook Community and more, the School of Chic teaches you how to survive and even thrive when walking through unexpected or undesirable circumstances and seasons using them as the very platform on which you succeed.

The School of Chic teaches you to:

  • use basic spiritual truths to positively impact your weight, wealth and self worth
  • be the only one who defines your value and “enoughness.”
  • use gratitude as the path to God and life’s luxuries, big or small.
  • upgrade your energy levels, mental focus and spiritual growth.
  • embody confidence, boldness and courage to take risks and get what you want.
  • invest in your goals and personal development as an act of self-care not self-repair.

Doors to the SCHOOL OF CHIC reopen January 1, 2022.

Like trying before buying, you can try SoChic before joining.

SoChic is an exclusive learning platform unlike any other using

faith-based, timeless, proven principles and solutions.

Welcome to the School of Chic!

She Said

“You’ve done it again. Love this!” P.S.

Thank you for feeding my soul with wisdom that I can carry with me on my journey to become a better person.” S.L